After more than a year of carting around my little man, I can safely say that I have perfected the art of packing light. I am pretty used to travelling alone with him on public transport – buses and MRT, not taxis – and because I’ve only got two hands to juggle a squirming baby, I cannot afford to be burdened by a heavy bag.

Here’s a list of items that are a must-have in my diaper bag these days.

In My Diaper Bag

  1. Skip Hop Zoo bib: this is the cutest little water-resistant bib ever. It has a little pocket to catch stray food and tucks away into its own pouch. Very handy to have around in the bag.
  2. Gap logo jacket with hoodie: We try to dress the kid in lightweight clothes and this jacket is suitable for those occasions when we decide to head into the mall for a cool respite from the heat. His jacket is green, however, not red.
  3. Reuseable sandwich bag: I try, as much as possible, to avoid the use of disposable items and we usually pack his snacks and food into little Lock and Lock containers. Two of these containers fit neatly into this bag so it makes fishing for his food out of the vast bag easy. I bought mine from etsy seller PepperJackHome and she’s currently running a 50% off sale on this same bag.
  4. Nursing poncho: This has been my necessity for the past 14 months since the day Aidan was born. He still nurses and a poncho is perfect for keeping me modest, ensuring that he is free from distractions as he nurses (those acrobatic stunts, ouch!) and it allows me to wear non-nursing tops. I was blessed to receive a hand-me-down from a dear friend who breastfed her daughter for more than two years! I just love that this poncho is full of memories.
  5. Pocket hand sanitiser: This nifty little hand sanitiser from Bath & Body Works is so essential in helping us to stay hygienic. We use it all the time: before and after a diaper change (especially if water and soap are not readily available), before meals etc. I love the B&BW ones because they smell nice and look so pretty.
  6. Boon bendable utensils: These are Aidan’s favourite utensils. They can be bent to fit the grip of any child and the length is just right for him. In fact, he learnt to self-feed using these utensils. You can get them from Mums & Babes in Singapore.
  7. Philips Avent straw cup: Thankfully, the kid loves to drink water and we transitioned him from a sippy to a straw cup a few months ago. I have to say that this cup is pretty hardy – it’s survived his constant tossing so far!
  8. Diaper clutch: While we were on holiday in Sydney, I left the diaper bag’s matching changing pad behind in a public loo. I was pretty beat up about it because it was a large mat with black and white polka dots. It was PRETTY! When I came back, I made do with The First Year’s Deluxe Fold and Go diaper kit, which is really quite decent. The mat is large, folds neatly and comes with pockets to hold wipes and dipes.
  9. Antibacterial wipes: Now, while we don’t diligently wipe down every surface that is in contact with Aidan, we still clean up those that look pretty dodgy. If you have seen high chairs that are covered with grime and dirt, you would agree with me that these wipes are absolutely necessary.
  10. Wet wipes: Which parent would leave home without a pack? ‘Nuff said.

So that’s my list of essentials. What are your must-haves in the diaper bag?

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