In our household, Kenny G rules.

Yes, you read correctly. Kenny G. The saxophonist dude. He of the long curly hair, clutching and caressing his saxophone like a baby. He rules. Why, you may ask. It’s because he has a hold over Mr A, a power that not even mama or papa wields sometimes.

He has the power to calm A down.

It all started right at the beginning (as stories always do, hur hur), when A was born. I had purchased a Carters set of bedding and decided to add on a matching baby mobile to it. The mobile had brown and blue elephants bobbing round and round to the tune of Brahms Lullaby. It was a pretty mobile but it was a pain because we had to keep cranking it.

As entertainment when A was a teeny tiny baby, we’d put him under the mobile and let him watch the elephants. From frowning at them and looking like a generally unhappy baby, he started interacting with the elephants. He would smile and coo at them whenever we wind the mobile up. BEST ENTERTAINMENT EVAR. (Love the mobile. Go get it!)

Fast forward to one of those occasions when the little man was screaming in the car seat. (Sidenote: Seriously. What is it with babies and their unhappiness at going into the car seat?!) On the verge of having our ear drums blown off in the close confines of the car, Mr Thick had the sudden inspiration to google “Brahms Lullaby”. He downloaded the Kenny G version into his iPhone, played it at full volume in the car, and OH MY GOODNESS.

Aidan SHUT UP. No, really. Instantly, his wails DIED.

And we both looked at each other and went, “He has dubious taste in music. But WE WILL OVERLOOK IT FOR THE SAKE OF PEACE.”

Since then, Kenny, our friend, has been a marvellous help. During car rides or those middle of the night rude and extremely loud wakings, Kenny seldom fails in dousing the cries of our boy.

So that’s how Kenny G became Saviour Kenny G in our household.

Here, enjoy the song with pictures of cute animals. Who knows, you may end up liking him too.

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