As I type this, my little man is fast asleep on his father’s chest.

I had put him down earlier for a nap (nursed him to sleep, I did, the horror!) and he had woken up after 15 minutes. Mr Thick went in to soothe him and he fell back asleep. And since we are all LET SLEEPING BABIES LIE around here, the best option is to let the kid remain sleeping while the human hammock takes a chill pill.

To many infant sleeping “purists” and “experts” this reeks of everything that is wrong: the whole nursing to sleep and not letting him sleep in his own cot which, by the way, has been dismantled. There is no cot, there is only a mattress on the floor.

But you know what, I don’t really care about what everyone else thinks about my family’s sleeping arrangements. And I’ve long stopped feeling guilty about not doing the “right” thing.

Because we do what we can and what works for us.
And that makes me a good mom.

A good mom doesn’t have to be someone who does everything right and by the book. A good mom isn’t just someone who has the best behaved kid, and whose child hits the milestones perfectly on time. A good mom isn’t just someone whose child eats, shits and sleeps well.

I am a good mom because I strive to be the best mom for my son. And guess what? I AM the best mom for my son – not my mother-in-law, nor my mother, nor my pediatrician, nor any of the so-called “experts”.

Whether you feed formula or nurse, whether you use disposables or cloth diapers, whether you sign your child up for gym classes or not, whether you work full-time or is a stay at home mother – the bottomline is, you are a good mother. Because you do the best for your family.

So whether you are a new mom or a mom of three, remember, you are the best mom out there for your kids. And never, ever let anyone take that away from you.

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