According to my mother, my love for books started when I was very little. She would take my sister and me to the library after school every week, and rent us books from the secondhand book stores. My sister, she said, was never really keen on reading but right from the start, I was hooked.

I attribute a lot of what I am and have today to this love for reading. My command of the language was significantly stronger than my aptitude for other subjects (Physics, urghs) and it was very obvious to me, even as a kid, that communications was the way to go for me. And when I needed to escape from the harsh reality of my life, I turned to books. Flipping page after page, in the wee hours of the night (to my mother’s chagrin), I would let myself wander into the imaginary world of words.

Anyhow, it’s hardly surprising, then, that I would hope for A to be as in love with books as I am. When he was a tiny bub, we would read him a book before bedtime. It’s since become part of our routine – us reading to him, and him pulling out all the books from his cupboard and flipping through them. And when he is left to play on his own in his room, he would often sit with a pile of books at his feet, and make cute, funny sounds as he turns the pages.

It makes this bookworm mama gratified.

He’s got his favourites, of course, and here are the top five.

A's favourite books

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Tell me one child who does not like this book. It’s fun, whimsical and A loves to point his finger at the food as we count.

1 slice of chocolate cake…1 slice of cherry pie…sounds like my kind of Saturday too!

2. The Snail and The Whale
Confession: I only bought the book because it was on sale at NOQ Store. But it turned out that my little man loves this book, as do I. He would always reach for it and ask us to read it out loud. And even if he crawls away to do his own thing as we are reading it, he would often turn to look at the book.

Everything just works: the catchy rhyming scheme, the illustrations, the lovely tale of a tiny mollusk who wanted to see the world. Adorbs.

3. & 4. Romeo & Juliet/Pride & Prejudice – A Babylit Counting Primer

I COULD. NOT. RESIST. I was an English Literature student for 10 years and these are only my two favourite books IN THE WORLD.

When I saw the Babylit series, I knew I had to get them for A. And what a fantastic choice! He absolutely loves them and what is there not to love? The storylines have been stripped down to numbers accompanied by super whimsical and stylish illustration.

The first time he indicated that he wanted us to read to him, the book in his hand was Romeo & Juliet.

5. On The Night You Were Born

I got this when I found out that I was pregnant with A. Having gone through that painful period of infertility, I wanted something that would celebrate his birth, celebrate the night that he was born.

I’d put him in my lap and let him hold the book, and he would dictate the pace by flipping to the pages that he likes.


These aren’t the only books he has, of course, and we were blessed enough to be gifted a whole stack of Chinese books as well. I’ve recently started acquiring Oliver Jeffers‘ books as well and I can’t wait to expose him to these.

What are your kiddos’ favourite books?

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