Man of Steel is premiers on the cinema screens this month. Closer to home, on a smaller screen near you, comes Mum of Real.

That’s me.

I am mum to two little girls – one 21 months-old and the other (almost) 2 months. Yeah, my daughters are pretty close in age. And I’m pretty close to the brink of insanity with yet another round of runny noses in the house.

Both girls were conceived through IVF.

The long story detailing our IVF experience, complete with the emotional see-saw that saw us swinging between angst, disappointment, anxiety, joy, devastation and gratitude over the past 3 years, can be found on my other ongoing blog on Maybe Baby.

When blogging for Maybe Baby, I usually mull over the content for each entry and plan how I would write it quite carefully. My writing on Bubsicles will take on a more footloose, carefree character. This is where I can pen down short entries on the spur of the moment, as and when the inspiration to write hits. They may be angst-filled rants about infertility; lighthearted snippets on something my girls did that made me happy; or a mellow piece sharing the quiet joy that spreads and fills my heart as I watch them sleep.

Whatever form my writing takes on, there is one thing for sure that it will always be:


This is not the blog of a Supermum.

I am not the superwoman who deftly pipes perfect rose-flavoured macaron shells in her kitchen (don’t mums just bake good ol’ chocolate chip cookies anymore?!)

I am not the crafty mother who sews precious bespoke dresses out of pretty coloured cloth with whimsical prints for her daughters.

I am not the kitchen goddess who whips up hot dinners of lamb shanks and roasted potatoes for her family (but I’m 100% in awe of those women who do!)

Nor am I the on-the-ball mummy blogger who shares reviews on just about every wholesome family-centric event-of-the-moment in Singapore. I didn’t even manage to bring my kids to Tulipmania before it ended. My elder daughter has only watched one children’s stage production. We have probably only covered a quarter of the exhibits at the zoo to date (and no, we didn’t even buy the Friends of the Zoo pass like every other family.)

I’m not the super HAWT mum who looks effortlessly gorgeous in just about anything. I can’t even fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes yet. Damn.

But I am their mum.

If they did something that made me shed tears – be it of immense joy, deep gratitude, anger or sorrow, you will read about it here.

If I wanted to indulge in a monologue about how wonderful I think they are, I would pen it down here.

If I were convinced that I’m failing as their mother after reading some supermum’s latest blog entry about the special, hand-made party packs that her kid’s friends received when she celebrated her birthday in school (sigh), I would share my feelings of insecurity and jealousy here.

It’s a new blog. It’s a new way of writing. And as with how parenting is, it feels like the start of a new journey every day.

I hope it connects with, touches, moves and inspires you.

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