The second writer to join us is Kristine, mom to one-year-old S. Here, she will chronicle her trials and tribulations in bringing up her daughter, who is the boss of all the big people in the family. Say hi to Kristine!



I’d like to introduce you to my boss (and her noble stead).


She loves her Daddy and her doggie loads. Her bedtime buddies are Bessie the cow, Mr Bunns the bunny and Miffy (also a bunny). She enjoys tickles and cuddles (sometimes) and watching videos of herself. She likes listening to music when she goes about dancing or scootering or operating her “flour mill”. She enjoys walks in the park in the evenings with her trusty side kick (good ol’ Dad) and her noble stead. Her favourite song is skinamarinky dinky dink and she’s really cute doing the sing-along actions to the song.

I’ve been working for her exclusively for a little more than a year now and I’d daresay I’m her absolute favouritest minion. Some might describe my job as being her personal assistant. I make sure her meals are up to scratch, I take care of transport, laundry and entertainment – which includes spontaneous clapping and cheering as she goes about her conquests. I’m also in charge of housekeeping and coordinating her appointments (i.e. Tuesdays – lunch with Daddy; Wednesdays – Pool lounging etc).

It’s not an easy job with no medical benefits/health insurance, but she is rather generous with the bonuses and she’s quite happy to give me the day off if her favourite person is free to be with her.

But all good things come to an end. Since late June, she has been exploring new territories and recruiting new minions. I do hope I remain her favourite. In the meantime, she’s sent me to get another job, to contribute more funds to her World Domination.

I’m sad that it’s come to this but we both know it was going to happen some day.

I’m really gonna miss this little boss of mine. (I secretly hope she misses me loads too!)

We’ll see how it goes!

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