Two nights ago…

Me: I’ve been feeding this ONE IRRITATING MOSQUITO. Look, I have so many bites on my legs.
Husband: That insect repellent thing is not working!
Me: It’s not! Because we have been out of the spray since a few days ago.
Husband: Oh. Dear.

So yes. That sums up my experience with Automated Konk® I Flying Insect Killer.

When we were using it, I hardly paid any attention to it. All I knew was that my house was mosquito-free and those pesky ants from the common rubbish chute were no longer strolling into my home. Of course, the moment the canister was out of repellent, I get bitten by mosquitoes.

I immediately sent an SOS text to Su-lin, telling her that I wanted to order extra cans of the automated spray. And then I dug out the Konk ® I HH Flying Insect Killer and pressed the nozzle liberally to weed out that annoying mosquito.

At $42, this certainly is not a cheap insecticide. But as I told the husband, a month’s protection from creepy crawlies and those dreadful mozzies is worth more than just $42.

Plus, I am just happy that this is a natural product that I can use around my little man and my cats.

In a nutshell, I may have been given a set of the automated spray, I will definitely be continuing my use of the product beyond that initial gift.


You can purchase the KONK ® I products from Our Lifestyle Shop. Join their mailing list and stand a chance to win a 30-day protect program against dengue free (closing date: July 16, 2013).

I received the product for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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