Bye darling! Have a good day at school 🙂

Yeah right. It was more like


“Where are you taking me to, Mommy?”


Cue quivering lips, big fat drops of tears and those puss in boots eyes that she does so well. It’s been a long long day.

The husband dropped us off at school nice and early (he had to send the car in for repairs) and little boss lady was ok for the most part, until she had to be changed out of her outfit into something more comfortable. The husband arrived back from the workshop to a very upset, sweaty and clingy little lady.

We eventually managed to pry ourselves away from her to go run some errands.

I held up surprisingly well… until lunch.

I broke down. in. public.

I don’t take to separation very well. My Dad told me that when I started school, I clung onto his arm and refused to let him leave (for two whole months) and then refused to talk or participate in class. I also bawled my eyes out when my best friend went on exchange for half a year (pathetic or what?) and then again when my husband (then boyfriend) went on his exchange. So if my daughter is anything like me, I don’t like what she’s feeling right now.

When we went back for her, she had just fallen asleep from sobbing. And then she heard our voices and woke and clung onto us until we left the place.

It’s heartbreaking how happy she was in the car when she realised she was HOME FREE. She kept flashing us megawatt smiles of pure unadulterated joy. I haven’t seen those in a while. When we got home, she got her appetite back and she was literally bouncing off the walls. No crying, no temper tantrums. And now? It’s almost 10 pm and she’s been asleep for more than an hour (she usually sleeps around this time).

To be honest, it has been strangely liberating, yet terribly heart wrenching. I could get used to this happy child who rushes into my arms the moment she sees me, but it pains me so much how she “seems” to have to suffer through the day.

Or maybe she’s just really happy to see me because y’know, she loves me so much.

And then my friend quipped “Crying is tiring”.

My heart just broke again.

How am I going to put her back there tomorrow?

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