I’ve written a few entries on bubsicles on Coco but little has been said about my younger daughter, Claire.

So this one’s for her.


We conceived Claire through our second fresh IVF cycle in July last year. Counting 40 weeks from that point on, Claire’s estimated due date (EDD) was 19 April 2013.

Like most expectant parents, we spent hours musing over whether she would arrive earlier, as subsequent babies are known to do. We exchanged views on what would be a the perfect date for Claire’s arrival.

While our friends welcomed their babies on dates with clever permutations like 30.03.13 and 31.3.13, Dannie (being the funny man that he is) wished for an April Fool’s baby.

Thankfully, Claire thought otherwise and refused to come out on 1st April.


At this point of the entry, I have to mention two very special people in my life – my aunt and uncle, who are both very dear to me. They helped to care for me when I was young.

33 years on, Coco now spends every weekday afternoon at their place where they bathe, feed, nap and play with her until we pick her up in the evening after work.

Watching them with Coco, it has become painfully clear how much they have aged over the years. My aunt is 67 and my uncle, 74. While they are still in the pink of health and strong and spritely for their age (they still work part-time and my uncle carries all 9.6kg of Coco with one arm), knowing that their time with us is slowly ticking away makes my heart ache.

While I have always remembered my aunt’s birthday – 3rd October, just 5 days before mine, I have never been able to do the same for my uncle. His birthday somehow always escapes my memory. Every year, it would suddenly dawn on me to send a frantic message to my cousin to check. Every year, I would be too late – his birthday would have passed.


On 10th April, Claire made her entrance into the world.

On that very same day, my uncle turned 74.

It was as if Claire knew that she had a mission to accomplish by arriving on 10th April – to commemorate my uncle’s birthday and seal it into my memory forever.

I no longer have reason to forget my uncle’s birthday and I hope that he will have many, many more wonderful birthdays to celebrate together with Claire and us.

Grand Aunt, Grand Uncle & Grand Niece

Grand Aunt, Grand Uncle & Grand Niece


Claire turned 3 months old on 10th July.

Gazing at my tiny baby in her snug white onesie, I was reminded of the song ‘Edelweiss’ and how it was so apt for Claire, given the meaning of her name.

Seeing how much she has grown since birth, and yet, how tiny and vulnerable she still is, made me a little teary.

She is pure, pure, sweetness.

Small and white; Clean and bright

Small and white; Clean and bright

Edelweiss, edelweiss,

Every morning you greet me.

Small and white, clean and bright,

You look happy to meet me.

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow,

Bloom and grow forever.

Edelweiss, edelweiss,

Bless my home(land) for ever

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