I’m not a fan of changing handbags.

Not even with one of those spiffy bag organisers that you can just fish out of one handbag and stuff into another when you feel like a change.

I’m just too lazy. I tailor my outfits to match my current handbag – and not the other way around.

Which is why, any bag that I choose has to be in for the long run. This applies to diaper bags too.

Dannie and I have been in a happy relationship with our Fisher Price diaper bag since I received it as a birthday gift in 2011. The relationship is coming to two years now and despite our favourite bag looking a little tired and worn from all the outings and overseas trips that it has served us on, we’re not looking to ditch the poor fella just yet.

I love the Fisher Price diaper bag for its:

  • Unisex design. You don’t want to be slave to a pretty but rock-heavy diaper bag while your husband skips around bag-free. Nor do you want your man to be toting a frilly, pink bag. At least I don’t.
The man wears it well.

The man wears it well.

  • Designated compartments for diapers, bottles, wet wipes and even the pacifier. Each of them clearly but discreetly labelled and easily accessible, helping to keep the bag neat and tidy. Even the men can zoom in on the exact location of the pull-up pants without having to ask you.
Makes reaching for a wipe as easy as ABC

Makes reaching for a wipe as easy as ABC

Clue: diapers inside

Clue: diapers inside

  • Versatile style. It can either be slung casually over one shoulder, chest or worn as a backpack.
  • Roominess. Large enough to accommodate all the baby paraphernalia that accompanies us on outings. Think changing mat, hankies, bibs, jackets, blanket, nursing cover, extra outfits (for both kiddies and parents. We’ve had to walk around with poop on our sole set of clothes before. Not too attractive, really.)
  • Waterproof exterior. ‘Nuff said.


The last point was a key factor in our decision to swap my first diaper bag – a lovely, chic Kate Spade – for the utilitarian Fisher Price bag.

The first diaper bag

The first diaper bag

I had bought the Kate Spade bag before the baby arrived. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. What would a noob parent know about diaper bags? NOTHING! Except which one I imagined would look nice perched on my shoulder in my rose-tinted, picture-perfect vision of myself cradling a sleeping baby and looking all calm, collected and damn near fashionable.

Not only was the poor bag utterly defenceless against the onslaught of kid-produced stains, the fact that it was designed to be worn only as a shoulder bag limited our range of movement. Plus, Dannie looked funny carrying a Kate Spade.

So back into the wardrobe it went.


Now that we move around with two kids in tow, we have also expanded our range of diaper bags to include what I call my Magic Mummy Bag.

Ta-da! Every mother's saviour (when packed right)

Do not underestimate this boring-looking tote bag, for treasures lie within.

Although not a diaper bag per se, my Magic Mummy Bag accompanies us on outings that involve having a meal in a restaurant. To keep Coco occupied and seated obediently in her high chair throughout the event, I toss an array of books, small toys and snacks into this cavernous tote bag that was a gift from my dad. Because mummies need big bags, he said. Having experienced moving around with three restless children in his younger days, he would know this only too well.

I love the look on Coco’s face when I whip out her favourite toy bus or Thomas & Friends book at the table. She can also count on my Magic Mummy Bag to produce a snack whenever she feels hungry. The bag is practically bottomless and the options, (almost) limitless.

Every mother’s saviour (when packed right)


Lastly, when I’m zipping out to run an errand with one kid in tow, I like to use this medium-sized casual sling bag to store bare essentials such as my wallet, phone, keys, tissues and a diaper. Wearing it across my body frees up both hands and prevents the strap from slipping off my shoulder – a common occurrence when you’re bending down to attend to a tiny toddler.

While purple isn’t the easier colour to match (I always end up wearing black when I use this bag), the bag tops the list of options when the situation calls for convenience and mobility over fashion.

The humble awkwardly-coloured sling bag


There you go. Three really useful bags that fit our needs for any and every type of outing.

If fashion is your name and budget isn’t a concern,  I heard that storksak has been coined the Louis Vuitton of diaper bags. For me, if I do decide to retire our ageing Fisher Price bag, I would probably shop for a replacement from either allerhand or Skip Hop. I’ve heard good things about them from friends who like both brands for their smart designs and affordability.

Happy shopping!

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