Just when we thought we were over and done with the sleeplessness associated with “diarrhoea week“, we suddenly found ourselves up at 2am. Not changing poopy diapers (THANK GOD FOR SMALL MERCIES) but trying to soothe a cranky baby.

Turns out, we have unwittingly landed in the midst of Mental Leap 10, otherwise known as Wonder Week 75.

Now, when my friends announce their pregnancies, I always, ALWAYS tell them to ditch all parenting books and order The Wonder Weeks. Pronto. Over the past 17 months, this has been the only book that I flip through religiously when it comes to trying to understand my little man.

Let’s backtrack a bit. What are Wonder Weeks, you may ask. In very simplistic terms, it refers to the periods in time when the baby goes through a developmental spurt. Think of it as the “Achievement Unlocked” mode, where the baby’s brains are furiously working to learn new concepts and skills.

And when this happens, all hell breaks loose.

In our household, anyway.

Whenever the little man gets all clingy to me and refuses to let his father put him to bed, alarm bells ring. A quick check on the Wonder Weeks app on our phones usually confirms that yes, we are in the middle of a stormy season. His sleep will usually be extremely disrupted and he tends to be very whiny. Sometimes, his appetite will be affected and he ends up refusing his dinner. The nursing increases and he will have a tendency to want me and only me for everything. Then, there are the bizarre bouts of tears.

Not surprising, since the authors of the book say that the tell-tale signs of a Wonder Week are the 3 Cs: clingy, cranky and crying.

Check. Check. And check.

Now, this is a misnomer because Wonder Weeks isn’t A SINGLE WEEK. In fact, most of them last a MONTH. That means, we live with a very fussy child who eats and sleeps poorly for A MONTH.

It’s not too bad in comparison, really, when you put yourself in their shoes. Imagine your world changing abruptly every few weeks, because your brain suddenly gains maturity in a new area. It must be so darned scary and strange.

And the “achievements” that are unlocked at the end of the Wonder Week are simply amazing. All of a sudden, the bubs can do stuff that he has never been able to before. New words are said and new actions are being performed. It is quite an awesome experience to behold.

So yes, we persist, doggedly, aided by caffeine.

But if you are a new parent or parent-to-be? RUN TO THE NEAREST BOOKSTORE AND GRAB THIS BOOK. Or whip out the credit card and start clicking away. I promise you, it will be the best $35 you have ever spent.

“I give up!”

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