Finally, 20 months after we embarked on this breastfeeding journey, we are completely weaned.

I knew that weaning the boy was not going to be easy. He loves to nurse, it’s his source of comfort and way of being close to mama. While the number of nursing sessions in a day have dropped over the months, there were a few that had seemed almost impossible to erase: the evening one, immediately after we get home; the night wakings and the weekend naps.

When I even hint at rejecting him during these sessions, the waterworks come on instantly. Sometimes, these are accompanied by that dramatic collapse onto the bed. Remember, THE WORLD IS ENDING.

But I was done. I felt done. I woke up one day and decided that this was it, I no longer wanted to continue. But how do I wean?

I ran away from home.

Hah! No, seriously. I packed my bag one weekend and checked into a hotel by myself, leaving the mister to deal with the kid all by himself. For two nights, I was on my own in the comfortable, cosy hotel room, doing nothing but watch TV, read, eat, sleep and soak in the tub.

And it was pure bliss.

For once, there was nobody demanding my attention 24/7. I had the personal space to recharge. The entire king bed was mine and mine alone – I was no longer relegated to that narrow strip by the edge. Nobody kept me up at night, no snoring, no crying baby.

During my short stay, A apparently asked about me but not about nursing. When we reunited on Sunday, the boy asked to nurse twice but he was easily distracted. At night though, it was a different story. He woke up and wanted to nurse. We said no. He crawled on top of me and cried. I sang to him and patted his bum. Within 30 minutes, he had fallen asleep and so did I.

The second night went a little better and by the third night, he never asked again (although he was still waking up!).

We were well and truly weaned.

Initially, I had thought that I would miss the nursing sessions. But it turned out to be a relief, more than anything else. I was still his favorite person and instead of nursing, we cuddled more than we did before.

Also, 20 months is a good, long run and we lasted even longer than I had expected. So no regrets there.

Would I suggest a solo staycation if you intend to wean? Hell, YES. It was an absolute luxury to be by myself for once. As much as I love my family, I love me too. Plus, the best way to wean a toddler is to remove the source completely.

It was definitely a luxury but I felt that after 20 months, I needed to just be alone.

For my choice of hotel, I needed it to be somewhere near civilization so that I can easily procure food for myself (I’m too cheap to pay $20 for a plate of char kway teow, even if it’s room service and served up in a swanky plate). I didn’t want to pay through my nose and yet the room had to be fairly comfort. Oh, and it MUST have a TUB. I LOVE TUBS and super hot baths.

I found a great weekend deal at Carlton Hotel and the hotel gave me a free upgrade to a room in their new wing. Which was pretty awesome and came with yummy smelling Molton Brown toiletries. And it was a skip and a hop away from Raffles City too. Almost perfect, except that the room didn’t have a hairdryer. Odd but bearable and still highly recommended.

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