Yes it’s me again, your friendly Bubsicles writer.

I know, we have been silent for a really long time. Dreadful, really. I’ve been really swamped at work and when I come home, I still have to put on my mummy hat and perform mummy duties. By the time the kiddo hits the sack, I am ready to hit mine too! And I, erm, did. I’ve been snoozing at 10pm every night ever since school started, it’s like I am back in primary school all over again.

But it’s the term break now and I have resurfaced into the land of the living. And I have news for you! We have a new writer on board – and she is brilliant – plus I want to tell you all about The Groovy Giraffe.

So sit back, enjoy this post and I promise you that I will have more on the way.


While we hardly buy toys for the little man, the one thing that I try not to stinge on is books. Ever since he was a wee bub, we have been reading to him and now, at 21 months, he loves books. Reading is part of his bedtime routine and he’s always happy to sit on the floor, flipping the pages of his books quietly.

I used to buy his books from The Book Depository but recently, I’ve uncovered a gem. And it’s a local shop to boot. The Groovy Giraffe is Singapore’s first official remainder bookshop, which stocks brand new, overstock and overprint books. Best of all, the books can be purchased at just a fraction of recommended retail prices, some up to 85% off!

What’s more, the good people behind The Groovy Giraffe offer impeccable service. When I first got to know of the site, I purchased Jamie’s America and Nigella Fresh at unbelievable prices ($9.90 each then) just to try it out. Within three days – as they promise – I received my books in pristine condition. And recently, I decided to gift a new mum girlfriend of mine books to celebrate the birth of her beautiful boy. The administrators not only informed me of a slight defect in my original choice, they even suggested a replacement for me. And, again, the books reached my girlfriend in three days, fully wrapped, thanks to their Christmas promotion.

The shop may not have as wide a variety as other bookshops but you are sure to find something that you like. And since Christmas is just round the corner, why not order some books as presents? As mentioned, you’ll enjoy free gift wrapping. And more importantly, get 10% off the already discounted prices! The promotion runs from now till December 25.

Here are some of my picks from the site that would make the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

For the new baby: Winnie The Pooh My Very First Learning Box ($15.90)
Let Winnie the Pooh and his friends Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger teach your girlfriend’s gorgeous new baby ABC and 123.

(Confession: I have loved Winnie the Pooh since my secondary school days, especially those hand drawn illustrations by E.H. Shepard.)

For the fantasy-loving geek: Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes Pop-Up ($26.90)
Anyone who has an appetite for The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson will definitely appreciate this lavish, dramatic pop-up book. I know I will, because I am a fantasy geekoid!

For the expectant mother: What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting ($12.90)
Pregnancy can be a very scary period, especially for first-time mothers, and nutrition is one of the areas that can be challenging. This would be the perfect comprehensive guide to nutrition for an expectant mother.

For the working mum: Nigella Express ($26.90)
Back before I had a baby, I bought this book for myself in the hopes of becoming a domestic goddess. While I never did become a goddess (HA HA HA), this book did help me to whip up home-cooked food for the mister and I with very little effort and time after work. I can see how this book can be a great companion for the time-starved, working mother.

For the teenage nephew/niece: Hunger Games Trilogy Collection Set ($26.90)
Let’s face it: our youth need to get off their computers and read more books. With the movie currently screening in theaters, this set of all three Hunger Games books will appeal to the pop-culture loving nephew/niece of yours.

Disclosure: I received a $20 voucher from The Groovy Giraffe…which I have not utilised! The books mentioned earlier in the post were bought by me out of my own pocket.

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