If  you were asked to describe yourself as a mother, what would you say?

I, for one, found myself at a loss for words just by pondering over the question.

In struggling to find the right words to describe myself as a mum, to myself, these were the first thoughts that played out in my head:

I wish I fed them better meals. Not just plain noodles in soup. Or plain pasta in tomato sauce. Or biscuits for breakfast. Or relying on sugary sweets to get some form of calories into her scrawny body. Because Coco won’t eat anything else.

I wish I didn’t nag so often.

I wish I were stricter in making her brush her teeth after her evening milk. And not let her fall asleep with the bottle in her mouth.

I wish I were more diligent in trimming their nails. And cleaning their ears. And managing Coco’s eczema and chewed fingers.

I wish I didn’t sound so tired and uninspired. 

I wish I could spend more time with them. And yet, have time for my husband and myself.

I wish I knew how to give them a haircut.

And the list goes on.

Sometimes, we all need a little reminder (click to watch) that we’re doing this mothering thing fine.

We’re doing okay, if not, pretty darn well most of the time.

And as long as our kids think that we’re great – WE ARE.

I know my kids think the world of me. Even if I’m as big as a bus.

Me: Whoops, mummy’s too heavy for the swing.

Coco: So heavy. Like Bulgy Bus.

(which, by the way, is not just a bus….. but a friggin’ DOUBLE DECKER BUS character from Thomas & Friends *wail*)

Great. I can’t wait to hear her first essay about her mother.

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