Poor Number Two.

It’s true, second kids usually get less attention than the first, even when they are in-utero. Back when I was pregnant with A, I diligently took bump photos and documented every fear, every worry, every joyful moment, every flutter. Second time around, I feel the same fear, worry, joyful moment and flutter but it’s mostly kept in my mind. Blogging? What the heck is THAT?

I’m trying to write but the flesh is simply not willing. I mean, I’d rather laze in bed when A goes to bed and look at random things on the WWW. Like, erm, maternity clothes and powerful hairdryers and prime lens and diaper backpacks. Speaking of which, why are diaper backpacks so hideous or overpriced?

Okay, enough of being a sloth. Let’s count the ways that being pregnant with Two has been different from the first pregnancy.

Absolutely worse than before. I started getting the OMG NEED TO THROW UP feeling even before I peed on the stick. It was simply awful – having that sick, burning feeling in your chest all day long. I’d open my mouth to breathe and feel the need to retch. I’d drive and dry heave. For a while, I stopped brushing my teeth at night because it made me throw up my dinner. Assuming I ate any. Mostly, it was bile because looking at dinner made me want to throw up too.

Whee. Those were good times.

And while the nausea went away around Week 14 back then, this one stayed with me till Week 17 or so. I only started drinking plain water recently, it was that bad.

Till today, drinking caffeine makes me nauseated. SOBS. Oh Two!

During that trying period (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!), I would go to bed at 930om promptly. During the working day, I’d scarf down a quick lunch and then head back to my cubicle for a snooze. I don’t even know how I managed to conduct classes and get any work done, I was such a spacey zombie.

Every evening, I’d await the return of husband so that I can hand the kid to him. Poor Aidan, his mother was virtually useless during the first tri. All I could do was to lie on his bed and read to/with him. The heavy lifting had to be done by papa.

Aches and pain
Almost immediately, I started feeling an ache down my ass, which got me worried because of my predisposition to being injured. A quick visit to my physio revealed that it was merely due to pregnancy joints getting all hormonal on me and moving around.

But that was enough to scare me. Having lived through that horrible pelvic pain during my third trimester, I knew that I had to start taking care of my posture like NAO.


Now that the first trimester is far behind me, I can only heave a sigh of relief and marvel at how I survived it, with an active and non-STTN toddler in tow. But I did it and suddenly, we are almost halfway through the pregnancy.

Very surreal.

Trying to stay fit but failing miserably

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