With Two being, well, a second child, you would think that I am very blasé about buying stuff for him/her. I mean, the baby would have everything that it needs and more. Theoretically, the only big-ticket items that we need to purchase is the second carseat. All other necessities would come from Aidan’s hand-me-downs.

And yet I find myself looking at baby items and longing to buy them. Never mind that I may already have something similar hosting mould in the storeroom. Never mind that they may be expensive and totally unnecessary. I just like them.

So I present to you: The List of Frivolous Things That My Second Child May Need.


1. Babybjorn Babysitter Balance
Instead of poor mama stretching out her legs to rock the bouncer while trying to extract the last ounce of breast milk using the pump (true story), this ingenious gadget turns baby’s own movements into a soothing rocking motion. It comes in a variety of fabrics and the latest version even comes in mesh – perfect for our summer heat.

A giant plus: it would look so chic in our living room! No more plasticky, brightly-coloured baby paraphernalia clogging up my house.

2. aden + anais classic dream blankets
I’m a huge fan of aden + anais products. We used the swaddling blankets for A’s naps when he was a wee baby and they were perfect for the sticky hot weather that descended upon us when he was born. These days, we use it as a lightweight blanket for him when he sleeps (and when I nap with him in his room).

When he outgrew the swaddles, we put him in one of their classic sleeping bags that I snagged at a Mothercare sale. And I scrub him down in his baths using their washcloths.

And now, I am dying to get hold of one of their dream blankets, specifically the bamboo ones. They are so soft and beautifully made.

What use do I have for one in the nursery? Absolutely none. I mean, the kid doesn’t even care for blankets. Do I still want one? HELL YEAH.

3. Cocoonababy
After being sleep-deprived for the past two years, we are desperate to ensure that Number Two does not further deepen our debt. I was randomly surfing around a local online retail store when this caught my eye and the raving reviews simply made up my mind for me. The Cocoonababy adapts to your baby’s weight and shape, and promises to envelop your little one in a cocoon, hence improving sleep.

The thing is, I am not even sure if I will need it for Two (but given our luck and sleep genetics…). To be fair, Aidan was fantastic at night initially. He slept after those middle-of-night nursing sessions and gradually stretched out his feeding from three to four and then even six hours. (Of course, all that went KAPUT! when he turned seven months and we never looked back. Sobs.)

Plus, the cost is really high for something that can only be used for four to five months. But as I was discussing this with the husband, we decided that paying $8 per night for merely the promise of better sleep is a worthy investment. Hah!

4. Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor
Never mind that we already have an Infant Optics baby monitor AND a Foscam IP camera in the nursery. I WANT THIS.

My excuse? Oh, we eventually would like to room One and Two together. And we will therefore need a camera that can pan and tilt, something our current monitor, which is a basic model and really cheap, does not do.

Oh, and I can even purchase a wide-angle lens to enjoy a panoramic view of the room! Perfect for us to spy on our littles!

(To be fair, our current setup is more than enough. Our Infant Optics monitor alerts us when A wakes up crying in the middle of the night while we control the Foscam IP camera’s pan/tilt using our iPhones. The IP camera also gives us a peace of mind when we head out for a quick nightcap after baby has gone to bed, leaving him in the care of our helper. I’ll share more about the IP camera in another post!)

5. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack
I don’t need another diaper bag – I already have two! And yet, a backpack is calling out to me.

You see, I fully intend to bring both Aidan and Two out during my maternity leave. (Or at least die trying.) And there is no way I can handle a toddler, a stroller, a baby in the carrier and a diaper tote bag on my own without breaking my back. The husband was the one who suggested that I look for a backpack to help me with the load.

Sadly, all the options out there are either meant for dads or are just plain fugly. Except for these gorgeous PPB bags. They come in a myriad of colors and patterns, and are so cute to boot. They are apparently as boxy as their name suggests, with plenty of space to hold two babies’ worth of things.

But alas, the price is too high for me to justify my purchase, given that Two is going to be Last as well. And I do love the two diaper bags that I have. So for now, I shall only admire the PPB bags from afar.

If you own or have used any of these items before, please share your thoughts and comments!

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