So. It turns out that my kid is one of those who catches a cold very easily. For someone who doesn’t go to childcare, he seems to get all sniffly very easily. Boo.

We have just fought one round of cold, which, thankfully, went away quite quickly. I thought I’d just share some of the things that I do whenever he gets a runny nose.

  • No medication. Frankly, medicines don’t cure colds, only time does. Some medicines may help to ease the symptoms but we have never seen that in A. Even with the antihistamine that was prescribed to him – and which supposedly would help him to sleep better – didn’t seem to work. Colds will eventually run their course in about five to seven days, you just have to be patient.
  • Fluids. We keep him as hydrated as possible. This means extra juice (diluted), milk and warm soup. Sometimes, I’ll make him a cup of hot Jarrah honey lemon drink too.
  • Essential oils. I like to put a few drops of eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender oil into his bath, as well as the Muji diffuser.
  • Warm bath. While my mother advocates no bathing when the kids have colds, I can’t bear the thought of it. She believes that a wipe down will do but really, have you seen my kid? He sweats like a pig! What we do instead is to have a warm but quick bath. The hot water vapour helps to clear his congested nose. Plus, the essential oils help.
  • Nose suction. Speaking of congested nose, the money we spent to purchase NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator from Amazon was well worth it. That thing WORKS. All the other aspirators, well, SUCK. Go buy it. Now.
  • Vicks rub. Before he goes to bed, we rub his chest and back with Vicks Baby Balsam.
  • NatroBio Children’s Cold & Flu Relief. This is homeopathic so we have no qualms about feeding it to him. He’s a very odd boy who loves to take medicines so it isn’t difficult getting him to swallow this.
  • Increasing the dosage of his supplements. While I usually add in half a teaspoon of supplements (ChildLife’s First Defense and Liquid Vitamin C) into his daily after-dinner yogurt, I usually up the dosage to one teaspoon for that extra oomph.

He got his last bout of cold from his papa and while papa is still coughing, A recovered in just a matter of days. Hah!

Sick but still looking mighty cute

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