Selene and I first met via the WWW when we were on the threshold of fertility treatments. Since then, our friendship has bloomed and we even became co-workers. Selene and her husband went through a very long and gutwrenching journey to be parents, which I will leave to her to expound on in future posts. But in the meantime, say a big hello and CONGRATS to her, will you, for she has since become a mum to her beautiful boy Elliott!


Hello! My name is Selene. This is a bit of a milestone for me because it is the very first time that I am using my real name to blog on the internet. I have been blogging since…2002. That’s a good TWELVE years. I started blogging when it was relatively unheard of. Before that, I used to keep a diary. A ‘Little Twin Stars’ diary gifted by my mother that came with a lock and key. I would scribble little notes in them about my day. About what I ate and why I hate/love my sister. About how much I hated homework. Random stuff like that.

I still keep a personal blog but would like to write about another aspect of my life here. The other aspect of life that is a whole new world to me – being a mom. Typing the word ‘mom’ scares me because I never thought that I’d ever get to use the ‘mom’ tag on myself. We took a long long time to get where we are today. Not just long but long, winding and uphill. As I write, I am currently 38 weeks+ pregnant with our first child. A miracle of sorts, if I may add. A child that we never thought we’d be blessed with. In fact, I have to add that until I see a live child in my arms, I will still find it hard to believe that IT HAPPENED TO US.

I look forward to sharing our stories soon. For now, we await a brand new chapter of our lives that is a huge dose of scary, a pinch of nervousness and a whole bag of very very exciting.


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