Sometimes, I really hate the Internetz.

As much as I have a PHD in Googling and I love to consult Dr Google at every opportunity I can get, the Internetz can make me feel like an inadequate mother.

We recently celebrated Aidan’s second birthday and invited our families over for a little gathering. I was deciding where to order a cake for him and thought that I’d check out those super cool tiered cakes that are all the rage these days at kiddy parties. The little man loves his train and hey, wouldn’t having a train cake be really awesome?

That was before I saw the price tags and blanched. The most inexpensive one that I could find (and still have decent reviews on its taste) would have cost us around $300. Erm, for a cake?

Domestic Mama Goddess Wannabe here decided to bake her own. After all, how hard can it be, right? RIGHT??

A quick check with Dr Google tells me that it’s easy peasy. Way too easy. Heck, there are even no-bake recipes (using store-bought cakes, duh) available. But since I had made the decision to bake all my kids’ cakes last year, there was no way I was going to use a Sara Lee pound cake.

Two days before the big day, I baked a large loaf and two smaller loaves of lemon pound cake. I also practised and perfected a swiss buttercream frosting, that did not require the usual three cups of icing sugar. I showed the “train cake recipe” search results to husband, who enthusiastically agreed to be the cake engineer. He designed a really cute train carriage – based on Thomas the Train – and we thought we were going to create an amazing cake.

On the day of the party, we put the kid down for a nap and hunkered down for the task ahead. Husband cut the cakes to size and whipped out his handy little wireless drill. Meanwhile, I started mixing the colours into the frosting. Things were looking good.

Until we heard an odd knock at Aidan’s bedroom door. Suddenly, we looked up to see our toddler walking down the corridor, saying, “Milk?” UH OH.

The two-hour nap that we were counting on had turned into a 45-minute quickie. Gah.

We constructed our little train cake as hastily as we could, with the birthday boy eyeing us with great interest from his high chair. And as we worked, we were constantly laughing and going, “Eh, what the hell?!”

In the end, we had a cake that looked like this:


But then, something magical happened. Aidan started bouncing in his seat and shouting, “TRAIN! OH TRAIN!” We looked at each other and…

…it hit me then that it doesn’t matter if this is really a Pinterest Fail cake. Because my kid loved it! And that’s all that really matters.

So what if it looks NOTHING like the stuff that I see on the Internetz?


So yeah. It made his day and it made our day as well. And we will continue to make fugly cakes for his birthdays, until he tells us to stop.

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