My husband decided to take the entire week off, pull Babydoll from school and do lots of lots of fun stuff during the March Term Break.

When he told me his grand plan, I had to do all I could to groan. Such enthusiasm, bless his heart. So I went along with it and got slowly psycho-ed into getting excited.

Funny how grand plans never unfold the way you plan them to (especially with kids!).

We got rained out, naptimes were impossibly delayed, tantrums were thrown, she kept asking for her teacher (this one really made us mad. What?? We’re not good enough for you, babydoll?), she had a tumble while we were staycationing and bawled the whole hotel lobby down…

But through all that, come moments like:

3298765437685435 Peekaboos before naptime

Papa, boat please?
Babydoll being enamoured by real boats and was just content to walk up and down the isle, pointing out to every boat and exclaiming “boat!”

Noticing heart-shaped leaves “Mommy, heart, leaf!”

And of course, finding her on the bed, telling bedtime stories to her three little duckies.

She teaches me time and time again that, life really is about the small things and you’ll only really notice them if you’d only stop for a moment, and step on a leaf 🙂

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