Life with 2 little monsters (adorable ones, but monsters nonetheless) can be so very hectic. As much as I would love to write more often, as the kids get more active, it gets exponentially harder to squeeze more hours out of a day to keep 2 blogs going.

I’ve thus devised a shortcut to getting more entries out of limited opportunities to blog.

Presenting, the first of a new series on Bubsicles titled ‘My Top 5’!

*Fanfare*….? No?

Okay, so there wasn’t much thought or science behind this so-called brainchild of a desperate mother who is hard-pressed for time BUT I SHALL TAKE FULL CREDIT FOR IT ANYWAY! *maniacal laughter*

MY TOP 5: BEST INDULGENCES WHEN SKIVING FROM MOTHERHOOD (even if it’s just for one afternoon)

Ever since the horrendous seizure last month, I’ve been heeding my older colleagues’ advice to take the occasaional afternoon off from work to indulge in my choice of relaxing activities be it a luxurious pampering session or just a spot of window shopping. They even specifically said, “Do NOT go home to your children! Go out on your own.”

So here’s my list of favourite things to treat myself to on my afternoon off:

1.   Pressing & Prodding

I book myself a tui-na session – 2 glorious hours of it (I highly recommend Oriental Traditional Therapy at Club Street, Tel: 6735 1101) I succumb to the therapist’s strong, firm touch as she presses and kneads the hard knots out of my aching neck, shoulders and back, and gradually massages me back into a recognizable life-form known as Human.

Pure bliss (albeit a little painful…)

2.  This Is The Way We Wash Our Hair 

Yes. I’ve taken to gladly paying for someone to wash my hair for me. For a change.

Toss in a quick 30-minute hair treatment session and I strut out of the salon feeling like I’m on cloud 9. It takes plenty of self-control not to grab a fistful of my own hair in public just to breathe in the scent of salon-grade shampoo because it smells SO. DAMN. GOOD.

3.  Books, Books, Books!

Oh, what the heck – magazines and newspapers too! Anything that is adult material (not in a sleazy way) makes for good reading. I pick up copies from the bookstore or library to give my eyes a break from reading from a screen. Travel magazines and wistful novels (John Green, Neil Gaiman? Anyone?) are my favourite.

4.  Eat (Slowly)

Just because it’s nice to actually taste my food instead of shoving it into my throat in between cajoling a fidgety toddler to eat and tossing yoghurt melts at an impatient infant.

Just this afternoon, I sat myself down at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with a Moroccan mint tea latte and a huge slice of red velvet cake for companionship. At 5 pm. BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT.

Impulsive? Check. Indulgent? Check. WHO. CARES?

Me, Me, Me. It's all about Me today!

Me, Me, Me. It’s all about Me today!

 5.  Sleep

Go home. Sneak into your bedroom while the kids aren’t looking. Switch on the air-conditioning. Sleep.

‘Nuff said.

Do yourself a favour and try these someday!

(for the sake of your sanity… *wide-eyed pleading*)

And yes, I wrote this in 30 minutes. YESSSS!!! *Fist pump*

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