Not only does Coco have a fondness for worms and other grubs, she’s quite a little bookworm herself.

Who remembers the Bookworm Gang?

Who remembers the Bookworm Gang?

When she was younger, she would sit patiently through simple board books on counting, colours, shapes and animals. (Claire, on the other hand, will attempt to eat the books and crawl away in impatience if she’s not allowed to…)

Now that Coco’s two, her interest in books has expanded to include stories with more complex concepts, detailed plots and rolling dialogue. We’ve noticed an increased focus on the story characters’ emotions and facial expressions, with her often stopping me to ask “Is this sad face? Is this angry face? Why is the boy angry? Mummy tell me!”

Her fun and cheeky nature also comes through in her preference for stories based on outlandish ideas, featuring funny characters and talking animals, and brightly illustrated in bold, cartoon style.

Here are our Top 5 favourite storybooks for toddlers:

1. Bake, Mice, Bake

An adorable story about a little bakery run by a family of industrious mice serving up a delicious selection of cakes, tarts and pies. The rolling rhyme is easy to read aloud and captures the busyness of these little creatures as they rush around the store – but not without some minor kitchen accidents! Ooops!

Written by Eric Seltzer. Illustrations by Natasha Rosenberg.

Written by Eric Seltzer. Illustrations by Natasha Rosenberg.


2. Monsters Love Colours

Lovable furry monsters go crazy with red, blue and yellow paints and crayons, mixing and mashing to form new colours in their fun experiment with colours. The playful illustrations invite you to jump right into the monsters’ messy, colourful world with a big SPLASH!

By Mike Austin (Author & Illustrator)

By Mike Austin (Author & Illustrator)


3. Stuck

An outlandish tale that will unleash your imagination and convert even the most staid sceptic with its hilarious plot. Leave good sense and logic at the door, and follow Floyd as he tries to get his kite unstuck – by throwing more items into the tree. Makes sense? No. My point exactly.

Even though this book is written for older children and I have to paraphrase and vividly animate most of the text, Coco is able to appreciate – and is highly amused by – the ridiculousness of it all. A silly story for all to enjoy, complete with Jeffers’ whimsical illustrations.

By Oliver Jeffers (Author, Illustrator)

By Oliver Jeffers (Author, Illustrator)


4. Monkey Puzzle

While most other kids seem to love the ever-popular Gruffalo, Coco seems to prefer the furry over the grizzly.

Poor little monkey has lost his mum and a helpful butterfly is on a mission to reunite the kiddo with mama monkey. Guided by little monkey’s descriptions of his mother, the pair tirelessly trawl the verdant jungle for any sign mum. The expressive, rhyming dialogue is fun to read aloud and even Coco can narrate parts of it like, “Butterfly, butterfly, please don’t joke. My mum’s not green and she doesn’t croak!”

Written by Julia Donaldson. Illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

Written by Julia Donaldson. Illustrated by Axel Scheffler.


5. Maisy Goes Swimming / Happy Birthday Maisy

Maisy mouse is a perennial favourite in our house, starting with the very first in our collection Where Is Maisy’s Panda back when Coco was a tiny bub.

The episodes where the spunky rodent goes swimming and celebrates her birthday offer lift-the-flap fun on every page. The flaps and tabs make little fingers work hard to discover the surprises hidden underneath and are great for honing fine motor skills. The Husband, however, can’t bring himself to lift Maisy’s party dress to reveal her birthday knickers or assist Maisy in undressing for her swim – he calls it the mouse striptease!


By Lucy Cousins (Author, Illustrator)


Mama Fixit swoops in to mend a torn flap

Mama Fixit swoops in to mend a torn flap

Liked our Top 5 list and can’t wait to start reading?

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