Ever since our detailed scan, we have been bringing Aidan along with us whenever we had our checkups with the obstetrician. In a way, it’s to prepare him for the impending arrival of his little brother/sister – we want to include him in the process as much as possible. I’m not really sure how much of it he really understands but so far, he seems to know that mama needs to go to the doctor’s quite regularly and that he gets to see baby on a “TV”.

On our first visit, we prepped him by saying that we were going to see the doctor. And hilariously, once we got to the clinic, he started asking all and sundry, “Doctor? Hi doctor?” The clinic nurses had a good laugh!

Last week, we had another visit and this time around, husband hauled him up to the bed and sat him down next to me. And to our surprise, Dr T said to him, “Would you like to do the scan?” He promptly wrapped Aidan’s little hand around the ultrasound stick and began scanning.

Dr T: See? That’s the heart beating. Can you see it?

A: Oh. Heart.

Dr T: That’s right. Now, we can see the abdomen. Can you say that? Ab-doh-mern.

A: (ignores him and looks away)

Dr T: (laughs and moves the wand) So we are getting a boy?

Me & husband: !!!!!!!! We don’t know! We don’t want to know!

Dr T: (smoothly) Oh, I don’t know either.

Me: But you are the expert! YOU KNOW.

Dr T: I really don’t. Do you want to know? I can scan the parts and tell you.

Me: (narrows eyes) NO.

Dr T: (to Aidan) Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?

A: No, I do the… (gibberish)

Nice try, Dr T.

Okay. So. I don’t know if he really slipped up for sure (my girlfriend says it sounds like he honestly doesn’t know) or he is just mucking around with our minds AGAIN (see my link for the detailed scan). Whatever the case is, I am mentally prepared to be the mother of two boys. And it’s really quite exciting!

And no, before anyone asks, we won’t be trying for a third. I am perfectly happy and thrilled to be parenting two healthy children, whether they are boys or girls. I really don’t care! It’s odd how some people seem to delight in predicting that Two is a boy AGAIN, like it’s my personal nightmare or regret.

The bottom-line is this: I don’t care. And I am looking forward to having Two complete our family, regardless of its sex.

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