We had the chance to attend Let’s Play Pretend! at the Esplanade on Sunday afternoon, thanks to Yi Lin’s invitation.

Let’s Play Pretend! is part of Esplanade’s PLAYtime! series, an interactive theatre series meant for kids between two and four. Directed by Ian Loy and accompanied by music by Stan x Soap, the production is about what happens when three kids are left alone at home. Inevitably, they decide to play pretend, using their immense imagination to create worlds made up of campfires, space shuttles and bubble-spitting dragons.

It’s a really fun production for both kids and their parents, I must say. I loved the energetic performances by the actors, as well as the catchy tunes. The props were so quintessentially Singaporean and versatile, featuring the classic mosaic playgrounds and a scene that’s reminiscent of a HDB flat in the 1980s. The 45-minute experience was of the perfect length too, just enough to keep the kids entertained.

The only quibble that I have is that the transition between “scenes” can be rather abrupt, and I could see Aidan’s brow furrowing in confusion.

Two entranced members of the audience

Overall, both Coco and Aidan enjoyed themselves and I think the adults did too. The production is also very affordably priced, at $16 per ticket. We are definitely looking forward to their next performance in August!

Let’s Play Pretend! is playing at Esplanade Recital Studio until May 15, Thursday.

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