My family, we love our weekend breakfasts. Doesn’t matter if it’s Asian food or Western fare, we take our first meal of the day very, VERY seriously.

Actually, we take ALL our meals very seriously. But never mind about that.

Anyway, one Saturday morning, we made our way down to The Bank Bar + Bistro for breakfast. It was ridiculously bright and early, we reached the eatery at a previously unearthly hour of 830am. Want to turn over a new leaf and become the early bird? HAVE A CHILD.

I had first heard of The Bank from Corsage many months back, when she first visited. It was filed in my brains as a “to visit” but given how leaky my memory has been since Aidan was born, I promptly forgot about it. Recently, Zee wrote about visiting it with her littles and it triggered my memory. Told husband about it in passing, who then surprised me by making a reservation for the following weekend.

When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised by how child-friendly the restaurant was. The table was equipped with a highchair, colouring paper and a cup full of colour pencils to keep Mr A occupied. There was also a playroom filled with toys, a TV and sofas. And, most impressively, we were informed by the staff that kids get to eat for free on weekends (one free child’s meal for every adult main course ordered).


Papa showing Aidan his homework

The colouring kept A busy for a bit while we decided on our food choices. Both of us decided to get The Big Breakfast ($20) for ourselves. Each, of course – I am pregnant and I don’t share, hah. He picked the poached eggs while I had scrambled eggs.

The Big Breakfast

Meanwhile, we got the pancakes for Aidan.


In our books, the pancakes were the ultimate winner. They were delightfully light and fluffy, and the accompanying compote and fruits added a tinge of sweetness to the pancakes. The kid loved it and, frankly, so did we!

The Big Breakfast was hearty, although husband was not very impressed by how the blandness of the poached eggs was not countered by any sauce. But we loved, LOVED the thick slabs of bacon and I was pretty happy with my scrambled eggs.

We didn’t really get to utilise the playroom until after the meal, when A decided he was done with the pancakes. Mr Thick kept A company while I got to sit down and enjoy my earl grey tea in peace. And by the time I waddled over, it was time for us to leave – so no pictures of the playroom! But trust me when I say that the kiddies would love it. And let’s just say that mine wasn’t the only child who refused to leave.

Food and facilities aside, the only thing that marred the experience was the quality of service. While the staff was nice and really friendly, it felt like they weren’t experienced. We had to request for child utensils and when we asked for a plastic cup of water for A, we were given the cup WITHOUT the water. And the butter and syrup for our meals came almost five minutes after the meals had been served. Service was definitely on the spotty side that morning.

But all in all, we had a lovely meal and we really liked the restaurant. So I’m guessing that we will probably be back again. Well. When we feel ready to face the world with two kids, I suppose.

The Bank Bar + Bistro
One Shenton #01-01,
1 Shenton Way,
Singapore 068803
t: 6636 2188

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