Labour is hardly glamorous, as every mum will tell you. And postpartum recovery is just as unglamorous.

Three weeks after that epic delivery, my nether region is still slightly sore and I haven’t had the courage to go check out the hood down there. I don’t think I can stomach what I will see. But in the meantime, I have an arsenal of products that will help my poor hoo-ha heal from that experience.


1. Mesh panties
Seriously, people, these are awesome at holding up those cumbersome and bulky maternity pads. Dump the sexy, skimpy Victoria’s Secrets bikinis and invest in these. I bought a pack from NUK but the ones the hospitals use are apparently reusable (according to the nurse who discharged me). They are crazy unsexy but after pushing a baby out of your vajyajay, the last thing you feel is sexy. Sweaty, yes. Exhausted, yes. Sexy, no.

2. Good maternity pads
After my first delivery, which was a Caesarean, I did not bother with these because I didn’t have to worry about how bashed up my lady parts are. But this time, I got two packs of Pureen Madame maternity pads and they are fab. They are made of softer materials and are gentler on my bottom. They are also very cost-effective and large, compared to the pricier Kotex maternity pads.

3. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Spray
Nobody told me how sore my bottom will be after a natural delivery. I’m telling you now. It’s very sore, especially if you have had stitches done. Very sore. Okay, now that I am done telling everyone how sore your bottom will be, I am here to tell you that this spray is so very cooling on your sore lady parts. Stick it in the fridge if you can, it makes a huge difference.

4. Spray bottle
If you, like me, have stitches on your bottom, your doctor will most likely advise you to keep the area clean after every pee/poop job. If you, like me, do not have a bidet, then a spray bottle filled with water will do the job. Keep it by your toilet bowl and give your nether regions a spray or two after every deed done. You’d be surprised at how the squirts of water can help to relieve some of the soreness!

5. Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Balm
Let me tell you this: you will feel anxiety and fear when doing your first poo after a natural labour. For one thing, your pelvic muscles have all but gone slack and then there’s the proximity of the stitches to your butthole. It is scary. And you may end up developing haemorrhoids during the second stage of labour when you were pushing. All these will make for a very sore butthole. This balm will be a godsend. It will soothe the pain and cool the area effectively.

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