Being a breastfeeding mum is downright tiring. There, I’ve said it. Ok, let me clarify. I do love nursing Elliott. Since the early hazy days, breastfeeding is A LOT easier these days. We have both learnt how to do it correctly and efficiently so there’s less sweat, tears and pain. However, being the only milk source means that whenever he is hungry, I will be the one to nurse him. However, sometimes, Mummy needs a break too.

For that, I am very glad that Elliott is pretty good at taking the bottle as well. That boy is not fussy – boob or bottle, he takes them all. Now, as all mothers would know, bottle feeding is a bit different from direct latching (DL). When you DL, you simply lift up your shirt and stick the baby to the food course. Easy peasy.

A lot more effort is required when it comes to bottle feeding. You’d have to first wash the bottle, sterilise it (which will seem to take forever if you have a screaming baby – been there, done that), warm up the milk, then feed the baby.  It’s all well and good if you are at home and can do all that but what if you are travelling or on the move? Or simply do not have the time to go through all that steps?

This is where the Steri-Bottle comes in. In simple terms, the Steri-Bottle is a disposable milk bottle. It was founded in the UK, manufactured in the EU and this single-use bottle comes ready sterilised. Importantly, it is manufactured from BPA-free plastic and – get this – 100% recyclable. To be honest, when I first heard about how I will testing out a one-time use plastic bottle, I was a little hesitant because (1) it’s plastic  – Is it BPA-free?  Safe for baby? and (2) it’s one time use – Such a waste! Can it be recycled? I guess both my questions were answered when I read up more. There is also a whole list of FAQ with answers here.


It may not be such a big deal washing and sterilising bottles when you have one kid but if you have 3 (or more!), think of the amount of time and effort you’d save. I understand that parents may choose not to use it at home but think of late night feeds and struggling to go to the kitchen to wash and sterilise bottles (urgh). Another good use of the Steri-Bottle would be for travelling. I am sure many parents would agree that when you travel, most of your luggage space is taken up by stuff for the kid(s). If you use the Steri-Bottle, just use and throw! No washing, sterilising or having to lug it home after the holiday. All that extra luggage space can then be used for more shopping, yes? 🙂

I was quite excited to try it with Elliott so I took one along to the in-laws last Sunday evening. I have to qualify that he is currently going through a bit of a difficult phase and prefers to direct latch instead of drinking from his usual bottle with a latex teat. There are 2 Steri-Bottles in one box. The bottles and teats are sealed so they are ready for IMMEDIATE use. I have lost count on the number of times I was in a fluster because we were desperately willing the steriliser to complete its cycle faster (why is 6-minutes taking forever?!) because baby wants his milk NOW. NOW. NOW!!

I poured some of the expressed breast milk into the bottle and placed it directly into the warmer. I have to add that my mother-in-law looked at me in shock and said: Don’t you need to wash or sterilise the bottle first?! I smugly told her, in halting Mandarin, that there is no need to and that it is all very clean and sterile.


As you can see, the bottle is pretty large. I wasn’t sure if Elliott would take to the different teat so I did not pour in too much milk. I got my mother-in-law to use the Steri-Bottle to give Elliott his milk and stood at a distance to watch.


Well. As mentioned above, he has been going through a fussy phase so I wasn’t particularly surprised that he did not quite take to the different teat. He is probably used to a latex teat versus a silicon one. Either that or he just wasn’t hungry enough! I’d probably give it another go with the second bottle from the same box. Shall try it at home the next round as he’d then be in a more familiar environment.

Despite the outcome, I still love the fact that there is no washing/sterilising required and it can be used straight from the box. I must add that it takes a bit of getting used to because I am used to having to wash and sterilise everything! But hey, I am sure most mothers would agree that any time saved means more time spent with baby or doing something that you love, like sitting down with a slice of cake and taking a breather from baby-caring.

Single bottle

The Steri-Bottle comes in packs of 2s and 5s, and will be available from July (this month!) at the following retailers:

  • Cold Storage Concept Stores at Great World City, Plaza Singapura and Kallang Leisure Park
  • Selected Cold Storage outlets
  • Mothercare (islandwide)
  • Kiddy Palace (islandwide)
  • Baby Online at 112 Katong Mall and Marina Square
  • www.pupsikstudio.com
  • www.babyonline.com.sg

The Steri-Bottle retails in packs of 2 at S$5.90 and in packs of 5 at S$11.90.

I received the product for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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