Warning: This post contains graphic pictures of hair loss. And hair.

Everyone talks about post-partum hair loss. I was warned that it would usually take place after baby turns 3 months old. I enjoyed thick luscious hair during pregnancy and was praying hard that perhaps, this hair loss fiasco wouldn’t hit me but lo and behold, the moment Elliott hit the 3 month mark, I noticed that my hair was falling excessively. My scalp was also oilier than normal. It was particularly horrifying when I shampoo my hair and would notice (with horror) that the amount of hair fall was so acute that it would clog up the drainage hole in the bathroom and water couldn’t flow through properly.

To illustrate that point, just take a look. This would be the typical amount of hair shed during one hair wash.



This is not counting the amount of hair shed when I towel-dry as well as blow-drying it. I’d usually end up with a whole lot of dropped hair all around me after I was done blow-drying my long tresses. It was very distressing, to say the least.

Because of my unruly mane, I usually keep my hair tied up loosely in a ponytail. One day, I noticed that my hair was feeling really “little” and limp. You know how your hair usually feels quite “full” and “thick” when you hold it up to tie it into a ponytail? Mine just felt…empty. I knew that my hair was falling in clumps but haven’t had the guts to take a good look at my scalp so one day, I turned on the bathroom lights and stood in front of the mirror.

And this is what I saw:



ACK!!!! What was happening?! The amount of scalp that I could see when I pulled back what was left of my hair was downright heart-stopping (in a very bad way). I could actually see my hairline – gulp – receding. I knew that I had to take action before I lose all my hair. PRONTO.

I needed a haircut. A drastic one.

I decided that a haircut would take the weight and stress off my very fragile scalp and hopefully, less stress means less hair fall. Besides, my hair was looking supremely unhealthy, unruly and terribly dry at the ends. Also, I was getting tired of spending so much time trying to blow dry my hair after each wash. I looked around the internet for inspirations and decided that a short pixie-do will be the way to go. Like this:


I had no illusions that I’d end up looking like Anne Hathaway (look at her sharp nose! And cheekbones!) but this was the look I was hoping to achieve. It was short enough and looked pretty fuss-free.

It was time to head to the hair salon.

It was very evident to my hair stylist that my hair has dropped a lot. She quipped that my hair feels limp and weak. Boo. I told her of my intention to chop it all off to alleviate the stress on my scalp, as well as to snip off all the unhealthy frizzy hair. She agreed that it was the best solution for now.

It was time to say goodbye to my long hair. Check out my naturally wavy hair!


You can’t see it from here but on top of it being wavy, my hair is also naturally frizzy with loads of messy baby hair. Obviously, I got the (very) short end of the stick when it came to hair texture and condition. Tsk.


Oddly, it felt really good watching all that hair fall as the scissors went snip snip snip. No wonder women love going for haircuts/hair treatments because it is rather therapeutic! I have to admit that I was a tad nervous about how the haircut will turn out because this is possibly the shortest that I’ve ever gone.

I must say that once the haircut was done, I felt really lightheaded! I guess snipping off all that unhealthy hair also made me feel happier. Also, because it’s uber short now, the amount of hair that drops may still be the same (pfffft) but at least it doesn’t scare me as much, nor does it clog up the drainage hole anymore. Hooray!


This is the result, fresh out of the salon with nicely-styled do, complete with quintessential eyebags. Of course I wasn’t able to replicate the same look once I washed it but it is really a lot easier now. I use less shampoo and conditioner and I don’t even need to use the hair dryer because it dries in 30 seconds (after vigorous towel-drying).

I guess the downside is, I wake up looking like a pineapple head because it stands on ends and I have to style it with hair wax before I can step out of the house without scaring anyone. Still, it beats having limp, sad and unhealthy hair.

To end off, I’d like to add that it took a bit of time to learn more about Dr. William Yates and the hair loss medical approach, and a lot of courage for me to share this entry because no one likes to admit that they are losing hair. However, as Bubsicles is all about being real and sharing real stories about pregnancy and motherhood, I hope that by sharing my story, other ladies in the same boat will know that they are not alone in this post-partum hairy state of affairs. 🙂

Did you suffer from post-partum hair loss? What did you do about it? Perhaps it’s time to check out The Lauren Ashtyn Collection of extensions? Tell me! I’d love to hear from you.

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