So. It’s been a little crazy around here. Not just the usual crazies but sick crazy.

That’s right. The boys came down with a bad case of bronchiolitis.

Aidan first picked up the bug when he was at school and subsequently passed it to Zac. As if one sick child was not enough to make our hearts wrench, hah. And seeing how Zac was only six weeks old at that time, both husband and I were rather heart pain at seeing him cough and hack away.

A few hundred dollars and a gazillion visits to the paediatrician later, Aidan is still coughing but getting better. Zac’s bronchiolitis relapsed again and we are now going through some tough nights. Poor bubba would go to sleep, only to wake up coughing till his face turns red. That means neither mama/papa nor baby gets to sleep.


The silver lining to this is that I am so glad the man and I are such a great team. On one particularly bad night when Zac just could not sleep, we took turns placing him on our chests so that the other could get some shuteye. When Aidan cried for mama in his sleep, I would wake the husband up, hand Zac to him and then cuddle my boo boo back to sleep.

And so we went on, the entire night, passing Zac between us back and forth.

As with our first-born, the initial months of Zac’s birth are filled with busy days and exhausting nights. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that we are husband and wife, and not merely parents. Our waking hours are busy with ensuring the wellbeing of our kids and we have a tendency to take each other for granted.

But it’s really in the little things that help us to push on. Like me letting him sleep in with the baby while I made pancakes for breakfast with the toddler. Or him placing a bottle of water on my bedside table when I fell asleep while putting Aidan to bed. Or that little hour of lunch that we managed to sneak in while Aidan was at grandma’s and Zac slept cooperatively in his carseat.

The well-established rhythm has been disrupted but I’m pretty sure we will find it again, him and I. After all, this family started out as us and when the boys grow up and have their own families, it’s going to be just us all over again. 🙂

When we were young. Photo taken by Eadwine.

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