Coco turns 3 this month. Just the other day, I was looking at all the kiddy paraphernalia around the house and realised that some of the items have been around for a good three years – stuff that we’ve been using on a day-to-day basis.

As all good things deserve to be shared, I’ve documented some of the baby items that have served us well for the past 3 years and will still be in use for some time for Claire – and future offspring (hopefully!), nieces and nephews.

Here’s our next My Top 5 list (also known as the busy mama’s way of knocking out a blog entry in very limited time!)

  1. Skotsam Babycare Mat from IKEA

You’ve just gotta love IKEA for their smart, affordable baby care items. At $9.90 (covers charged separately), this waterproof, inflatable mat transforms any hard surface into a diaper-changing station. The mat is easy to inflate (even with my under-exercised lungs), lightweight and requires little storage space in its deflated form. The curved edges also prevent fidgety babies from rolling away easily during a diaper change. I’ve even seen friends cart the mat along to house gatherings for tired infants to snooze on. Skotsam Babycare Mat $9.90 from IKEA (cover charged separately)

  1. Antilop Highchair With Tray from IKEA

The price ($29.90) isn’t the only thing to love about this simple plastic highchair. It’s easy to assemble (and disassemble) and super lightweight, which makes it easy to move around within the house – and out. We have had instances when restaurants informed us, when making meal reservations, that they have insufficient highchairs to go around. Not a problem when you can BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair). It’s also easy to wipe and wash (cart to bathroom and hose down) and very hardy despite being made of plastic. ikeahighchair

  1. Sarong Swing

Ah, a sarong swing – ever the subject of discussion in the swing-or-not-to-swing debate. We just go with whatever succeeds in making the baby take those darn daytime naps. The netted sarong cloth keeps the baby cool in our hot weather. It’s also easy to wash and quick to dry, saving us the effort of having to launder additional bedding. The metal frame is portable and can be wheeled into whichever part of the house the caregiver is in so that he/she can keep a watchful eye on the sleeping (or waking…) baby. We got ours from Cheong Choon Store in Chinatown. I’m actually jealous of the girls for having such a nice, comfortable hammock to sleep in.

photo (2)

Line the floor with cushions and there you have it – the double-decker version!

  1. Mamalove Foldable Cot

As you can deduce from the first 3 items in this list, we like lightweight and portable stuff. The same applies to cots – no massive, chunky designs for us. We got our Mamalove cot from Cheong Choon at $199 – significantly less than many cots out there. Its slim frame fits easily through doorways and its wheels let us transport it between bedrooms if needed. It’s also foldable, meaning we won’t need to dismantle the entire cot for storage – just fold and store.

If baby loves this bed, mamalove-s it too (leafy shelter from IKEA.)

If baby loves this bed, mamalove-s it too (leafy shelter from IKEA.)

  1. Eucerin Soothing Lotion (12% Omega) For Dry Skin

Okay, we haven’t exactly been using this item for 3 years straight but it has been one of our daily essentials to manage Coco’s eczema for the past couple of years. The skin specialist had originally recommended Physiogel – the Anti-Itch (AI) version to soothe her itchy skin during outbreaks, but it’s terribly pricey ($50!) and only available at hospital pharmacies. We switched to Eucerin’s anti-itch formula for less ($29) – and we love it! The slightly oily texture, which contains omega oil, locks in the skin’s moisture. Despite the oil component, the lotion is very easy absorbed and doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily.


  1. Crocs Baby Sandals

Okay, okay, I’m cheating here by including more than 5 favourite items. But I have to sneak in mention of these baby sandals by Crocs. While neither the most fashionable nor cheap at $40, these sandals are super lightweight, easy to put on (onto struggling feet!), waterproof and durable – having lasted through 2 kids. True, the open sandals may mean less protection for little toes, but we haven’t had any accidents so far *touch wood*. Crocs Hello Kitty I have to add (yes, yes, this is blatant cheating now) that my black Crocs flats that saw me through 2 pregnancies and beyond are still going strong. They’re so comfy and airy and are my favourite weekend staple. $80 well spent. Crocs Flats

  1. Twilight Turtle

How can I leave out this little fella? He’s a soft toy-cum-nightlight that transforms our boring walls and ceiling into a galaxy of stars. The effect in a darkened room is just beautiful and will leave your little ones shell-shocked – in awe (and hopefully distract them from crying – until they start fighting over him, that is.) Ours was a gift from a friend but I last saw it retailing at Mothers Works at $70. If you’re ordering online from other retailers, be careful not to get the cheaper ‘chiong’ version. I thought that it was on sale and bought it for Yann – only to find out that “Twilight Turtle” was rocking disco lights and jarring musical tunes. How embarrassing. At least Aidan still enjoyed star-gazing (or maybe disco-dancing.) twilight turtle

There you have it! My Top 5 – or 7 – list for August.

Well, Top 8 – if you count my Crocs.

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