You know how they say that it never rains but pours? Yeah, well, things have been a little sucky around here.

Remember how Zac was admitted to the hospital for six nights? Once we were discharged, the husband and I breathed a sigh of relief and prayed that this would mark the end of our sick cycle. Seriously. Having two virulently ill sick babies for the past two months is no walk in the park, we are both exhausted and incredibly, well, sian to the max.

We left the hospital on Thursday. Lo and behold, once the weekend rolled around, Aidan started running a temperature. The next day, spots started appearing on his trunk and back, and I thought it was merely a viral rash. He hadn’t been to school for more than a week and so I didn’t think that it could have been HFMD.

Except that it was HFMD.

According to the GP, his was an atypical case. He didn’t have any spots on his palms and soles, he hardly had any sores in his mouth and his appetite was great. Little mercies, I suppose.

When we went back home after the diagnosis, the husband and I were shell-shocked. Haven’t we been through enough? When will this ever end?

In the end, we couldn’t sit and moan about the situation that we were in. Something had to be done and my mama instincts kicked in.

First, we had to ensure that Aidan had minimal contact with Zac. We steered him away from his baby brother as much as we could and he was truly miffed. We had to say that Zac was very ill and we didn’t want Aidan to be sick too. Little white lies and all. Poor boy, he did want to kiss and hug his brother so.

The next thing I did was to ensure that we washed and sanitised our hands religiously, especially after touching Aidan and before going near Zac. I also put on a mask when nursing, in case I was already carrying the virus.

And the most important step? Sanitising everything that Aidan touched.

Thank goodness, then, for the second can of B-Sanitised that Our Lifestyle Shop had given us! I instructed the helper to spray it on all his toys, leave it for 10 minutes before wiping it off. We did this twice a day. I also sanitised the door handles, taps and light switches.

So what did we do with the first can of B-Sanitised that we were given? I used to it sanitise our bedroom. For a while, all four of us were sleeping in the same room – which probably explains why we were all taking turns getting sick – and out of frustration at the seemingly never-ending spate of illnesses, we decided to “nuke” the bedroom.

It’s very simple: Unlatch the quick release fogger, place the can in the middle of the room (with all the windows closed) and then leave the room with the door closed. Return to a disinfected and germ-free room one hour later.

That’s it!

Will all these steps work? I honestly don’t know. But this buys me some peace of mind and fingers crossed that this ends once and for all. Plus the product is touted to destroy all germs, viruses and bacteria so I have very high hopes indeed.

(Although I am nursing the mother of a sore throat now hmm…)

The husband sanitising our things with a little "helper" hovering behind.

The husband sanitising everything with a little “helper” hovering behind.

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