The husband and I love watching live performances. Back in the day – ie. before the kids came along – we were always catching a concert or a musical or a circus act. We were huge fans of Cirque du Soleil, and were among the impressed audience when the troupe brought Saltimbanco and Quidam to Singapore. I was also lucky enough to see Ka when I was in Las Vegas for a press trip many moons back.

Before watching Cavalia, I definitely had very high expectations; after all, the show was created by a co-founder of Cirque du Soleil. I went into the tent wanting to be impressed and I left enthralled, in ways that I had not expected to. With the littles nursing coughs and us being unable to get babysitters, we had thought of missing the show. But I am so glad that we didn’t – even if it meant lugging both kids along! (Yes we did. And we survived. More on that later.)

Billed as an “equestrian ballet”, the show’s main attraction are the 50 beautiful and elegant horses. They cavort with dancers, acrobats, aerialists and riders during the two-hour show, in front of a 60-metre wide giant screen that showcases a constantly-changing digital background.


The horses are truly breathtaking creatures – they are graceful, mysterious, tempestuous and carefully-groomed with lush manes. To see them prancing and galloping around the stage up close was truly a treat. In fact, some of the scenes reminded me of The Lord Of the Rings! Shadowfax, anyone?


As a former choir girl used to being on stage in front of an audience, I thought the performers were absolutely engaging. You could see that they poured their hearts out when standing under the bright lights and they were able to work the crowd to a high. I loved the comic elements! The artistes nailed the comic timing and their acting was flawless.

The performance was also accompanied by music played by a five-piece band as well as a singer, which was a pleasant surprise. The music was so note-perfect that it could pass off as a recording.

One thing that stood out for me – and made the most impression, really – were the female riders and aerial acrobats. To me, they were the epitome of how a woman should be: strong, equals with the men and feminine. Everything the men did, they could do just as well: from performing stunts on top of a racing horse to catapulting across the tent in the air to drawing laughs from the audience. I loved the aerialists, especially, and marvelled at their sexy and enchanting combination of physical strength and womanly elegance. Makes me want to learn the trapeze, a la Carrie in Sex and the City.


To say that I enjoyed the show is an understatement – I was suitably blown away. Even the toddler was impressed: he clapped along with the performers and was intrigued by the digital background. “Oh stars, mummy!” he would exclaim. “The sun go home.” And when the humans took centre stage, he would ask me, “Where (are) the horses?” Of course, it being two hours long (excluding a 30-minute interval) meant that he was restless towards the end. That’s when the snacks came in handy, hah! Thankfully, at those pivotal moments when he was ready to walk out of his seat, the show changed tempo and surprised us (won’t spoil it for you here). I was thrilled like a child at a candy buffet, let alone him.

As for the baby? Well, he slept through the first half of the show and was under the nursing cover for much of the second half. So phew! Minimal fussing and zero crying at all. Oh my chill bubba – I was so, so thankful. You have no idea how jittery I was throughout the show, fearing that one or both of the boys would act up! I was all prepared to miss part of the performance but luckily I didn’t have to.

Some tips: the tent can get a little stuffy so dress light. Although kids under the age of 3 get to go in for free, it’s best to purchase a ticket for them as the seat rows are quite close! The man had Aidan on his lap for the first half and we had to prevent his feet from hitting the seat in front.


Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse

WHAT: Matinee and Evening performances scheduled through 5 October
WHERE: Under the White Theatre Tent, at Bayfront Avenue beside Marina Bay Sands
TICKETS: Available at or by calling +65 3158 6735
Or at every Sistic outlets online at or by calling +65 6688 8826
S$58 to S$288 + applicable fees.

Disclaimer: We were given a pair of tickets to watch Cavalia, thanks to Base Entertainment and Marina Bay Sands. All opinions are our own. Photos provided by Base Entertainment.

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