Apologies for the long hiatus from Bubsicles. It’s been an especially hectic period with things exploding at work, sick family members, Claire starting school and … *drumroll*…. cello lessons for me!

Yes, I’m picking up the cello, at the ripe old age of 35 years. It’s a major paradigm shift for the brain, I tell ‘ya. All of the sudden, my mind and body need to communicate with each other outside of their routine conversations to execute the positions and movements needed for cello-playing.

Why am I doing this?

It started out as a necessary step to guide Coco in transiting from the Suzuki early childhood education music programme to instrument-playing. The introduction to the cello is part of a six-session parent education programme that guides parents in understanding the education philosophy and approach behind the Suzuki method before the child starts on the instrument proper.

Yeah, to be honest, it all sounded like a bit of a drag at first. Not only do we miraculously get an 18 month-old and 3 year-old cleaned, changed out of PJs, fed and out of the house by 8.45 am on a Saturday morning for their music lesson, I now also attend an additional class on Sunday afternoons for myself!

Surprisingly, what I thought would be an additional chore and time-gobbler on my precious weekend turned out to be pretty refreshing.

It’s feels like my own little adventure. My new interest has awoken some long-forgotten aspects since dulled by daily routine: Inspiration. Excitement. Anticipation. Desire to learn, to improve, to master. Aspiration.

Despite turning 35 this month, I felt renewed and energised by this little detour from daily life. After a long day of work and parenting, I seek respite in my nightly 10-minute cello practice. On less tiring days, I find pleasure in performing for my tiny audience (who kindly oblige me with applause and compliments of “Well done!” and “Good job, mummy!” and request for encores!)

I look forward to the weekly lessons with other parents. It’s a welcomed grown-ups only session where we gain new knowledge and chat on a common interest – instilling the love and skill for creating (hopefully beautiful) music in our children.

It has been very rewarding, in that what started off as doing something for my child is also helping me grow. It probaby is one of the best things that I have done for myself since becoming a parent (in addition to the forever much-needed massage and pedicure sessions…)

So here’s to Life’s little adventures. May you also be inspired to seek out a new interest or hobby outside of this parenting gig and do something rewarding for yourself. You deserve it! 🙂

Me & My Cello

Me & My Cello

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