I love shopping.

Unfortunately, the arrival of my boys has meant that going shopping is now a thing of the past. On weekends, we usually end up at places where Aidan can be set run loose. So we end up at parks or the playground or the airport. And even if we do end up at the malls, we are buying stuff for the boys. Trying on clothes? Forget about it.

Thank goodness for online shopping. All I need to do is search, click, ogle, pay and tah dah! Everything gets delivered to my doorstep. I order everything from organic snacks to diapers to household cleaners to dresses from the Internet. Efficiency at its best! And yes, I do ogle at environmentally-friendly products. Organic fair-trade shea butter FTW!

One of my favourite local shops has to be AgapeBabies. It is a store that has everything and I mean EVERYTHING.

Want books? They have got it.
Toiletries for the kiddos? Yup.
Carriers? Uh-huh.
Snacks? Plenty.
Diaper bags? Take your pick.

You get the drift.

Recently, Agapebabies gifted me with $50 worth of store credits. I, err, took quite a while before hitting the “checkout” button. For one, we were hit by the avalanche of illnesses – bronchiolitis, HFMD, RSV, Staphylococcus aureus, blah blah blah – and I was honestly focusing on getting through one day at a time. Shopping was, clearly, not a priority. And then, I had the problem of being indecisive; I had no idea what I should get!

In the end, this was what I carted out:
agapebabies haul

I’ve been wanting to get a travel pack of toiletries for the kids when we go swimming or overseas. The travel-sized toiletries that I have for them are freebies and full of chemicals, and it makes me cringe when I use them on my babies. When I saw the California Baby Newborn Tote – Calendula set, I knew that it was what we needed. It contains everything that we use, such as shampoo & body wash, everyday lotion, calendula cream, diaper cream and sunscreen, and everything is kept in a handy little tote.

Recently, Aidan has been rejecting his veggies and it’s very annoying because he used to LOVE them. Like LURVE. And now he’s all, I don’t want veggies. Toddlers, bah. I got the Happy Munchies baked organic cheese and grain snack, hoping to put in some form of greens into his little body (the other way is to juice the greens with fruit!).

With Zac fast approaching six months (WHERE HAS MY NEWBORN GONE), I decided to get a box of Healthy Times Whole Grain Brown Rice Cereal in preparation for his foray into solids. I don’t generally believe in cereal and will be starting him on baby-led weaning but I know that my mother, who is his caregiver, will want to feed him baby cereal so this is for her, really.

And finally, something for ME. Yes, the Plum Organic Mighty Puff’ems – Cheesy Tomato Basil is NOT for Aidan, I actually ordered it for me. A girl’s gotta have some healthy snacks at work, no? No judgy judgy. And it’s pretty delicious, actually! Perfect for those times when I want to crunch on something as I work.

The best thing about shopping with AgapeBabies is the speed at which they deliver your goodies: I got them one working day later!

Now, all good things must be shared. For the next four weeks (now until 21 November), enter the code “bubsicles” at checkout to get 5 percent off your purchases! The code does exclude sale items, diapers, milk and breast pumps.

Enjoy shopping!

Disclaimer: I received $50 store credits for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received and and all views and opinions are my own.

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