A few weeks ago, a box bearing edible goodies reached our doorstep. Try them, said Foodpath, the company distributing these snacks, and let us know what you think.

Well, we did and we liked the snacks so much, we decided to write about them (even though we didn’t have to).

Now, what Aidan lacks in the sleep department, he makes up for it in the eating stakes. This kid can eat. Granted, he has his finicky moments when he doesn’t eat stuff that he is supposed to – like veggies – but all in all, he has a healthy appetite and loves food.

These days, he is also big on snacking. Kid loves his snacks so much, he goes into the kitchen regularly to ask for “biscuit” and “tnack”. Unfortunately, mean mum here doesn’t indulge him, hah! He doesn’t get chocolates or chips or sweets at all. I try to feed him wholemeal bread with a smidgen of unsweetened jam or fruit whenever he has hunger pangs between meals but there are times when he is absolutely insistent on the crunchy stuff. I don’t blame him. His parents have a weakness for chips after all, gah.

Luckily, the box that we received from Foodpath contain all sorts of snacks that this nazi mum (yes, the husband called me that once, I have been meaning to write about it) will gladly let her toddler eat.


One of Aidan’s favourites is the Mother Earth Fruit Sticks – Blueberry. He’s currently in a blueberry craze now and will demand sweetly for them to be added to his yogurt. We pack these along when we go out and he has it with his milk or milo during our coffee pitstops.

Another gem is the Kiwigarden Freeze-dried Yogurt Drops Mixed Berry. When Aidan is in the mood for something sweet, we give him a few of these yogurt drops to keep him happy. It works! Better these than chocolates, I say.

Now, mama here loves her snacks and I was pretty chuffed that a box of Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices Choc Chip was included in the box. I haven’t had the time to make my own granola for a while now and I have been itching for some. The oaty slices bar came in handy when I need something to fill my tummy between classes and I wasn’t going to have the time to grab lunch anytime soon. I loved that it was chewy and NOT dry at all, as some muesli bars can be. And frankly, I can’t say no to chocolate chips.

After I wrote back to the company to let them know how much I liked the snacks and would be writing about it, they kindly offered to sponsor a hamper worth $60 to one lucky reader. So yay!

To stand a chance to win the hamper, simply complete the following steps:
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This giveaway will close on Sunday, Nov 16.

That’s not all! bubsicles readers can get 10% off all products on the website by entering the discount code “NZBUBS1“. Have fun shopping (and snacking)!


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