Now that I have been back at work for more than a month – and school has started – I feel less like a super mum and more like a headless chook.

It’s really crazy how each and every single day flies by just like that. Every morning is a mad rush to go go go, especially on the days when we have to drop off the two boys at two different locations. I’m ever so grateful to my mother, then, for offering to come over to my place on the days that she watches Zac! Being able to leave home with just one kid and dropping him at the school located on campus has helped to cut down so much of the commuting time. Plus, I no longer have to battle maddening peak hour traffic to get us home safely! (You don’t want to be in my car when I am pissed off with traffic after a hard day’s work.)

At work, additional responsibilities mean that I’m stretched in every other way. I’m also pumping and it’s been tough trying to keep up to the schedule. Between lessons and preparation and meetings, I sometimes hardly have time to eat. BOO.

Once 6 o’clock hits, it’s another round of crazy rushing to pick up the boys. By this time, Aidan is usually STARVING and if we don’t get food into his system quickly enough, everything turns into a minefield. This means that I will have to spend additional time coaxing him out of his school uniform and getting him to eat his dinner, leaving Zac to entertain himself in the bouncer. When both boys are finally asleep, it’s 930pm and I finally get to drag my exhausted self into the shower.

Admittedly, there are times when I get really frustrated at the husband. Like “I wanna stab you with a fork” sort of mad. As much as he tries to get home to help with the evening routine, the truth is that he works late most of the time. So I have to handle the tantrums and the screaming and the crying, while he gets home just in time to play with them. It’s not his fault, obviously but that’s how it goes these days and it’s frustrating for me that I have to be the parent who puts aside work to do what is necessary.

On one of these evenings, Selene and I were texting each other and grousing at how our partners are allowed to “work late” while we rush home to our babies, despite the fact that we also have so much work to be done. It doesn’t help, also, that we are both exhausted, and we all know that murderous thoughts thrive in sleep deprived minds, hah!

So yes, I’m so Not Fabulously Gorgeous. I am looking like Chewbacca and in need of a haircut, a massage and exercise. Some days, I feel unloved (sobs) and unappreciated (sobs sobs). Some days, the only exercise I can muster up is the savasana pose.

Now that I can do. For hours at length, if my kids allow me!


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