You know those pictures of calm, peaceful sleeping babies that we see ever so often in advertorials? They’re usually asleep on a pretty pillow, covered by an equally pretty blanket, surrounded by a collection of cute fluffy toys in a colour-coordinated nursery. I have since learnt that real life is a bit different. Well, A LOT DIFFERENT, really! For one, pillows aren’t really recommended for very young infants, especially when they haven’t learnt how to turn their heads on their own as they are at risk of suffocation. The same goes for blankets and toys.

Now that Elliott is capable of turning and flipping on his own (which poses new challenges such as rolling off the bed but that’s a story for another day), I was on the lookout for a good quality and safe pillow. He is a sweaty little guy so it had to be of a breathable material. Of course, it had to be soft and most important of all, safe.


The Sofzsleep baby donut pillow fits all of the above criteria as it is made of 100% latex with an open cell structure and millions of miniscule interconnected microcells. It supports baby’s head and neck in a natural spinal alignment and reduces pressure points by adjusting itself as the child moves throughout the night. The latex used has been certified by international institutes for its non-toxic, hypoallergenic and dust mite free attributes. The pillow also comes with a natural bamboo cover that has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


What I like best: The crater at the centre of the pillow allows Elliott’s head to be elevated ever so slightly to aid in breathing which is very helpful if/when he has a blocked nose. This also allows his head to fit nicely in it and prevents a “flat head”. We all love babies with nice round heads so yeay to that!

Now that Elliott is 8 months old, he prefers to sleep on his side and front rather than his back. This is my little man using the Sofzsleep donut pillow for his usual midday nap.

Sleeping babies are the sweetest, aren’t they? I could sit and stare at him the entire day. Some pillows are a little too high and they place his neck in an awkward position whenever he sleeps on his side. The Softzsleep donut pillow is about 5cm in height and the soft latex structure provides the right amount of height without additional stress on his little body.

This may seem trivial but I also like the simple white design for the cover. No garnish bright colours that clash with everything else in the nursery. There’s nothing I hate more than clashing loud “kiddy” prints and designs.

Do note, however, that pillows are not recommended for children under the age of 2 so we will only be using the Sofzsleep donut pillow under supervision.

Ok, so here are the (two) best bits:


Sofzsleep is giving away not 1 but TWO Junior M pillows to 2 lucky readers. All you need to do is to:

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This giveaway starts today will end on 28 November so do hurry. Good luck!

Discount code

Sofzsleep is having their year end promotion for the period of 22 November 2014 to 4 January 2015 (inclusive). Simpy quote “BUBSICLES” and you will receive 15% off any product purchased during the promotion period. You can place your order via their Facebook page, via email ( or phone (+65 61004569).
The Sofzsleep donut pillow is +/- 29 x 25 x 5cm and is recommended for infants from 8 months old. For younger infants, please use under supervision.

Disclaimer: I received the product for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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