Last Sunday, we took advantage of the cool weather to have ourselves a picnic at Gardens By The Bay.

I gotta say, the Gardens is really one of our favourite venues as a family. We are friends of the Gardens, which allows us unlimited entries into the conservatories for a year. A perfect arrangement! When the weather is unbearably hot and Aidan looks like he needs to expend his energy, we would hit the Flower Dome for some air-conditioning comfort. He can run around in glee and we can chase after him without breaking into a sweat.

Luckily for us, the Christmas decorations were up in the Flower Dome that weekend. Oddly enough, despite being members for almost a year now, we have never been inside the Flower Dome in the evening. That Sunday, after our early dinner on the Gardens grounds, we headed into the conservatory to check out the display.

Oh what a treat it was! The air was cool and crisp on our warm skin. Jazzy Christmas carols were being played over the PA system. We were surrounded by twinkling lights, majestic pine trees and adorable “snowmen”. As the last ray of the sunlight disappeared over the horizon, we were transported into a magical Christmas Wonderland.

As I said to the husband, all we needed was snowflakes gently falling through the air and it would be perfect.

Because it is early in the season, the Flower Dome was not in the least bit crowded. Which meant that we could take our time to stroll through the conservatory without feeling claustrophobic. We were able to stop and enjoy the sights, and point out to Aidan the snowmen. He was thrilled! That funny boy kept repeating “jingle bells, jingle bells” as we walked. And a major PLUS: all of us – Aidan included – could snap some shots at leisure. Meanwhile, Zac was snoozing in papa’s carrier.

It was really the perfect way to end off a quiet weekend.

Yuletide in the Flower Dome is running from now till 6 Jan 2015.

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