So we have been using cleaning and hygiene products from Our Lifestyle Shop for more than a year now. I have to say, I’m really happy with all that we have been given so far.

The Automated KONK Flying Insect Killer Starter Kit has been a mainstay in our living room so far, especially since we are surrounded by construction sites and the weather is turning wet, wet, wet. Meanwhile, we activated our B Sanitised when HFMD struck, using it to religiously clean Aidan’s toys.

For this holiday season, Our Lifestyle Shop is offering all bubsicles readers a free sample of a new, yet-unlaunched product, Drain Blast, with every purchase of the safeHands hand sanitizer bundle pack of 3.

Drain Blast is a Green product uses bacteria to eliminate blockages in commercial and residential drains. It’s all very cool and scientific: The bacteria eats away the scum layers, which attracts flies to breed and is food for cockroaches, found in drain pipes and floor grouts. By removing the scum layers, Drain Blast is also getting rid of nasty smells. All you need to do is to dissolve one Drain Blast tablet into the water used for mopping, mop the floor, and then pour the water into open floor drains.

When you quote “bubsicles” at checkout, you’ll be given two free tablets of Drain Blast. I’m definitely looking forward to my sample!


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