So we have kinda been absent for a while now.

None of us are professional bloggers making a living out of this. We are merely working mums who love to share and write, and sometimes, life takes precedent over blogging. So please forgive us if we have somehow disappeared over the past three weeks!

What exactly have we been up to? Well, the usual – Snowed under at work. Too little time with the kids and husbands. Shifting to a new home. Dengue fever (!!). Oh, and first-trimester sickness. 😉 I’ll let you guess which one of us is currently sporting a little baby bump! Clue: not me, I am done with making babies.

I’ll speak for the girls when I say that we are going to take a well-deserved Christmas break and won’t be checking in over the festive period. But we’ll be back on Boxing Day – and with a fantastic giveaway to boot.

(Hint: if you are looking for a personalised, gorgeous digital print to display in your home, you had better check this space out on December 26.)

From all of us here, Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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