And who says that gift-giving ends on Christmas Day? Well, definitely not us at bubsicles! For starters, a beautiful illustrated digital “Mama & Baby Bear” print from Poppetry (worth £30) could be yours.


The design wonder behind Poppetry is Maylene Seah, mum to the cutest little girl Amelia (I am always trying to matchmake her A to my A, hah!) and wife to V. I first got to know May through a friend on Instagram and I was always so impressed by May’s effortless style, quiet charm and beauty. When her Amelia came along, she started illustrating whimsical graphics for her daughter and I remember being so amazed by her artwork. She very sweetly offered to design something for us when Zac was born and it’s now hanging on the wall of the boys’ room.

Lucky for us, she decided to take the plunge to start Poppetry, an online shop stocked with ready-made and bespoke illustrations for little ones. Yay! I also asked her some questions about life as a mother so here are her insights.

1. Give us an abridged introduction of yourself and what you do.

I’m a stay-at-home mama trying to be a working-from-home mama. I am a freelance brand and packaging designer and I also make illustrations for my new shop Poppetry, but lately my main job involves keeping an active 22-month-old (and sometimes a 34-year-old if he’s lucky) well-fed and happy.

2. How did a talented designer like you end up in London?

I met a complete stranger and being the impulsive sort, dropped everything and left for London. Luckily, he turned out to be more than I could ask for and we are now happily married. Seriously though, I wanted to go somewhere I could grow my career as a designer. He just came along at the right time and gave me a better reason to venture out.

3. You are mum to the adorable Amelia. What is the biggest lesson that your daughter has taught you?

At the risk of sounding cliché – to dance like nobody’s watching. Literally. And metaphorically.

As a mum I’m constantly racing against time, worrying about how I should be bringing up my kid (and the judgement that will be passed on me) or tackling her allergies and the whole host of problems that come with it…that it’s easy to forget to let go and enjoy the moment. Not Amelia. Other than the occasional meltdowns, she’s a carefree, happy little person. That girl has got the moves and she’s definitely not afraid to wiggle her bottom in public.

So I am grateful that for every unadulterated squeal of laughter or silly little dance, I am reminded to just dance to my own tune and enjoy this thing called motherhood.

4. How has the experience of raising your daughter far away from family and home been like so far?

I wouldn’t say it’s been easy but I have great support from my extended family. The hardest bit is not having my own family close by and I will always feel that tinge of guilt for depriving them the chance of seeing Amelia grow up the way I see it. Thank goodness for Facetime! I have also been on a mission to familiarise Amelia with dishes from home, which is comforting for me when I’m homesick. On today’s lunch menu is Bak Chor Mee!

5. If there is one piece of advice you can give to someone who wishes to be a parent, what would that be?

Ohhh…how do I choose just one! I think it would be to be a ‘selfish’ parent. I don’t mean to ignore your kids or put all your interests before theirs. What I mean is to find ways/time to look after yourself, be you, and to connect with your other half sans little person. Because once you have a baby in your life, it’s the last thing you want or have time to do. But I think it can make a difference between a good parent and a great parent.

Poppetry is giving away a personalised digital “Mama & Baby Bear” print (worth £30) to one lucky reader. Simply complete the following steps before 1 Jan, 2015, 11:59pm:
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That’s it!

But that’s not all. From now till 15 Jan 2015, Poppetry will be offering 15% discount to all bubsicles readers. Simply key in “POP15” on checkout. If you decide to add on the “Print Me” option, May will be back in Singapore from 27 Jan 2015 for two weeks and will be able to bring along these prints for you so you get to save on shipping. You can also follow her on Instagram (@poppetry_shop) for new designs and updates.


This giveaway ends on 1 Jan, 11:59pm. Winners will be contacted using the contact particulars provided when entering this draw and will have 48 hours to respond, failing which a new winner will be drawn. All incomplete entries will be disqualified. All entries will be verified before the winners are announced. To be fair to our sponsors, please note that all fake Facebook accounts (eg. accounts set up purely to take part in contests with no or very few real friends) will also be ineligible to win.

Congrats to Candice Yang-Tay! We will be in touch shortly with the details.

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