I have two very different daughters.

Coco, the elder one, is the more cautious of the two. She looks out for cars before crossing the street, chooses covered shoes (over open-toed sandals) to prevent foot injuries, and diligently heed signs cautioning children to hold on to their parents when riding on the escalator or at MRT stations warning commuters not to place their hands on the train doors. She sagely quotes the moral of the story from books where the little protagonists get lost because they didn’t stay close to mother as told.

When Coco was two years old, she took us by surprise when she suddenly made a sprint for the exit of the restaurant where we were dining. Thankfully, I caught up with her before she could go far. I chided her for running off on her own and told her that I’d be very sad if she got lost. “Mummy will have no Coco and Coco would have no mummy!” I emphasised (perhaps over-dramatically). She immediately teared up, covered my mouth with her tiny palms and pleaded, “Don’t say that, mummy, don’t say that!”

A few months ago, while on holiday in Japan, we brought the kids to an indoor play area within a retail outlet mall. Claire got antsy after a while so I took her out for a stroll, leaving the husband to watch over Coco.

Now, mobile phones can be a great distraction – even though you’re only taking your eyes off your kid for a few seconds at a go to glance at your screen now and then. Upon my return, I couldn’t spot Coco within the play area and asked the husband where she was. He pointed vaguely to the climbing structures, “Oh, she’s somewhere around there.”


Imagine our panic as we rushed around the play area desperately searching for the tiny girl. We were in Japan – an unfamiliar place with a serious language barrier. How were we going to find her?!

We were hugely HUGELY relieved to find that she had only wandered into a kiddy maze immediately outside the play area and had lost her way inside. The poor tot was sobbing most piteously in the centre of the maze! Despite us doling out many hugs and cuddles, the incident remains fresh in her memory. Since then, she has never wandered far from me, always making sure that we are within sight of each other.

Crisis averted. Problem…solved?

Not quite. Claire, my second daughter, is a more physical version of her petite older sister. At 1.5 years old, the mini-athlete shoots off like a bullet the moment something catches her fancy. This happens at crowded malls, at Changi Airport with its wide expanse of space and in the great outdoors. Repeated warnings to stay close to mummy simply do not register with this stubborn little Aries. If she can run like the wind on her short, plump little legs at this age, I doubt I’ll be able to catch up with her easily when she’s 2 or 3.

This is where the “Keep Me Safe” cuff from My Safety ID comes in handy.


The template on the underside provides fields for identity information such as the child’s name and emergency contact details. A label on the front alerts to the important information on the back.


The soft fabric is gentle on baby skin, as evidenced by Claire agreeing to keep it on when she usually yanks off any other accessories that we try to put on her. It helps that the stylish Hello Kitty design appeals to little girls and she proudly announces that “I am wearing Hello Kitty on my hand!” Oh, and it’s HARDY too despite being made of cloth. This is going to be one of the few things that Claire will NOT be able to reverse engineer and break!

Handcuffed! Muahahaha! For a good purpose!

Handcuffed! Muahahaha! For a good purpose!

I’ll definitely be “tagging” Claire on all our outings. We have another trip to Japan scheduled for February and the child ID cuff will be one of our travel necessities. I plan to get a cuff for Coco too, although she was visibly horrified when I explained the purpose of the safety ID band to her and refused to wear it – as if she WILL get lost by simply wearing it!

The child ID cuff is designed to fit kids from 2 to 10 years old and comes in a range of designs. It retails for S$29.90 from My Safety ID. Check out the website for the waterproof version (Child Safety ID Wristband) and similar bands in adult sizes.

We were given a set of the Child Safety ID Wristband for the purpose of this review. All opinions are ours and no monetary compensation was given.

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