Okay so this doesn’t quite qualify as travelling since technically, we did not leave the country. But we had such a blast that I thought I ought to share it. Travelling by bus and MRT, can?

So yes, back in December, I was pretty exhausted from work and I really wanted a break. Due to personal reasons, however, we ruled out going overseas and decided to have a family staycation. And as all family holidays go, our staycation revolved around our littles. What would be convenient for us? What would they like?

I chanced upon Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport’s Family Planespotting package and thought it was a fab idea. I mean, we practically live at the airport every other weekend. Seriously. The husband and I love watching planes take off and the little man loves taking the Sky Train. Plus, we get cheap parking and a myriad of food choices. Win!

We decided on a night’s stay over on New Year’s Eve as a mini celebration of our anniversary too (15 years and counting).

The staycation did not start off on the right note. For starters, I had to work in the morning and it was a bit of a rush to get home and then hoofing it to the airport by bus/MRT. The littles DID NOT nap and we were facing epic meltdowns. When we got to the reception area, it was crowded and the queue was not systematic. In fact, some annoying family cut our queue, which pissed us off even more.

Thankfully, the guest relations officer who served us was a true professional. He made the checking in process a breeze and even granted us a late check-out at 2pm. And the family that cut our queue? Their room was STILL not ready at almost 4pm. Hah! Karma!

The moment we entered the room, Aidan gasped in wonder and exclaimed, “WOW!”

It was pretty wow. The room was situated directly over the runway and we had a most awesome view of the planes landing and taking off. In fact, we spent quite a fair bit of time just sitting at the window and admiring the view. It was amazing. Like I said, watching planes take off is something the husband and I have loved to do since we were dating and I think he was rather impressed by the room.

We had selected a King Bed Premier and it was fairly spacious for our family. We even managed to squeeze in a playpen masquerading as a cot next to the bed. It was meant for Zac but because he was sick during that week, he was coughing throughout the night and ended up sleeping on the husband. Meanwhile, Aidan was cuddled next to me and yes, this means that all four of us were sharing the king bed.

The room was neatly divided into two, with two armchairs marking the start of the lounge area. That night, when the boys slept, we parked our butts on the chairs with a bottle of vino and welcomed the new year with a clink of our glasses. In total silence and darkness, of course, since this ain’t a suite. Very film noir.

The bathroom was also fantastic for families with littles. The bath tub was large and deep and our two spa babies enjoyed lavender bubble baths in it. It had a glass window overlooking the bed but the blinds conveniently allowed privacy when needed.

When it came to food choices, we were happy. For an airport, Changi certainly has no lack of variety. We drank our teh-si at Toastbox, dabao a sumptuous dinner at Curry Times and grabbed our bottle of wine from NTUC.

The package also came with buffet breakfast for two adults and two children at the hotel’s Azur restaurant, and it was a pretty decent Continental spread. Zac had toast and yogurt and fruit, while Aidan mostly ate what we ate.

Besides looking at planes and vegging out in front of the TV, we also brought Aidan down for a swim at the pool. I loved the way the pool was done up, I felt like I was in a resort. One word of advice about the pool: IT IS COLD. Like, freezing cold. Like, swimming in ice cubes cold. I dipped a toe into it and shivered. Phew, thank goodness someone had to keep Zac company on dry land: ME. It didn’t bother Aidan though – he was being chased by the husband round and round the pool.

Overall, we had a great time, although I will say that the service standards is a little lacklustre at times. For instance, the reception staff allowed another family to cut our queue when checking in. We also rang housekeeping for more towels and an ice bucket, which took a while to be sent up. And even then, they only sent up the ice bucket. 15 minutes later, they rang to ask if the towels had been sent and we quizzically replied no. It took another 15 minutes or so before we finally got our towels. And when it was time to check out, the line was dreadfully long again. While the guest relations officer was polite, she wasn’t exactly friendly. Shame.

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