Before I became a mother, I was vain. I took great pains to dress up for work every day and on weekends, I enjoyed putting together outfits for my dates with the man. And then I became a mother and my weekend uniform consisted of shorts (for easy chasing of little people and because we are outdoors quite a fair bit) and tops (nursing). I’ve become BORING. Heh.

It really doesn’t help that I don’t have time to go shopping at all these days. I don’t like hauling my littles with me to the malls because we end up bribing them with the phone or they are all over the place and we have to hunt them down. Even when I take time out to go shopping, I end up buying their things. Meh.

So when Jane from ThreadsNotFound contacted me, I was thrilled. Somebody to shop for me? Sure!

The idea behind ThreadsNotFound is simple: you register on their website, fill in a Style Report and their team of curators will put together a package of clothing based on your information. You pay for those that you want to keep and return the rest. It’s not a new concept, I have read about this in the US before. But this is the first time I have heard about it in Singapore.

I diligently filled in the Style Report, which asks questions about your sizing, the amount you are willing to pay for an item. You’ll also get to share your style preferences by selecting your favourites from a series of outfit photos. Once that was done, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

When my package arrived, I was really excited to see what the team had curated for me. The packaging was very chic too! Think ribbons in black and yellow, tissue in the same colours and neat. I enjoyed unwrapping every layer.

There were two dresses, two skirts, a pair of shorts, a top and a belt from Al & Alicia and Tuulla. Here are some of my favourites:

Al & Alicia shirtdress

Al & Alicia shirtdress

This was the first item – an Al & Alicia shirt dress – and it made me very happy. The cutting was simple, the fabric was soft and comfortable. It was of the right length…but it was too big for my arms.

Al & Alicia shift dress

Al & Alicia shift dress

The second item that I fished out of the bag was this Al & Alicia red shift dress. Again, the workmanship and material was excellent – but it was still too big!

Al & Alicia top with peach shorts

Al & Alicia top with peach shorts

Inside the bag were also an Al & Alicia top with polka dot sleeves and a pair of tailored shorts in peach. The husband thought the top was pretty cute and refreshing, while I loved the cut of the shorts.

In the end, I decided to keep the top because I threw out most of my tops during my maternity leave last year and I needed to replenish my wardrobe. Plus, I thought the sleeves were pretty cute. I would have loved to keep the shirt dress but it was a tad too big.

What I loved about this service is the convenience and the element of surprise. The clothes can be couriered to you for a fee or you could pick them up in-store for free. And it was pretty exciting to unwrap a bag of clothes, wondering what you might get in there. I thought the team chose well mostly, selecting items with the kind of clean lines that I like. Jane was also lovely, lovely to work with.

Some drawbacks: it was a little hard to pick out the pictures that described my taste in the Style Report on the iPad, I had to switch over to the laptop midway through registration. I also felt that the items selected for me were very “safe” – I would have liked an item that was a little offbeat or interesting.

All in all, would I utilise this service again? Yes, especially when my wardrobe is in need of a refresh. It was nice to see my sartorial sense through the eyes of someone else and, let’s face it, it really did feel like Christmas came early. And it’s a fabulous feeling that every exhausted mother needs.

I liked this service so much, I reached out to the ThreadsNotFound team to ask if they could offer something special for the readers, and they said yes!

Get a free one-way courier with any purchase or two-way courier with purchases above $100. Simply key in the promo code THANKSYANN when you check out. For now, the style fee is free so go go go and check it out!

If you do try out the service, I would love to see what the team picked for you! Tag me on Instagram (@yannisms) and let me know.

Disclaimer: I received an item for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received and and all views and opinions are my own.

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