Almost every parent I know loves the Singapore Sports Hub. So do I! But while everyone raves about the water play area (my friend The Juggling Mom wrote a pretty comprehensive review here), we love going there for…slightly different reasons.

See, Aidan is not a fan of water playgrounds. And the last time we brought him out for some water play, he promptly caught a mean cold/cough. Husband concluded that he probably caught the bugs from the water playground so we have not gone back since.

But ah, the Sports Hub is much more than the water play area. For starters, we love the sand pit! It’s not a sand pit for children’s play, per se, it’s actually a “beach” volleyball court. But we don’t really care anyway, we just plonk ourselves and our sand toys down to play if the courts are empty. I mean, it’s good and clean sand, not gross and grimy like the sand in some of our beaches. And it is a large, airy space.

The sand is too fine for the kiddo to build anything but he doesn’t care. He’s happy to scoop sand here and there and into his little truck. I love that it’s by the river side so we get a nice cool breeze in the evenings and are able to enjoy the warm, beautiful rays of the setting sun. I’m comfortable letting Zac walk in the sand pit as well, since I feel assured that there isn’t anything nasty lurking in the depths that could harm him.

(I do wish we had better sand and beaches though. I love my beach holidays and I miss chilling by the waves with a drink in my hand! Hmm, is that Krabi calling my name?)

During the recently-concluded SEA Games, husband was working on a project for his client, who was a major sponsor of the games. We ended up heading to the Sports Hub quite a fair bit during the weekends so that he could check in on the status of his project. During the evenings, we’d take a walk around the National Stadium and it’s a pretty fun place for a preschooler!

Aidan loves the tracks painted on the floor outside the stadium. Without fail, whenever we are there, he would run along the tracks.

We’d spend a good 15 minutes or so just walking around the stadium while he ran and ran and ran. It was pretty cute to see him dashing alongside youths who were skateboarding (got the one just a few days ago too, visit Powerboard Expert for more details) or blading, elderly who were strolling and other kiddos who were scooting or running like he was.

And once he had gotten all that energy out, we’d head to the Wave Mall to grab dinner. Some of our regular haunts include AOne Claypot, Poulet and the food court. Not all the food options are great though (we tried the fishball noodle place, it was terrible, and so was the chicken rice at the food court) but you can’t go wrong with the established names. There’s also an eatery serving my choice of poison – teh si – and that’s our go to place for a quick bite (A is a fan of chee cheong fun).

We love the huge NTUC at the mall too, except I’m a little aunty when it comes to my supermarkets. I can’t shop at unfamiliar places! I love knowing exactly which aisle to go to for my grocery needs. What can I say, I am a creature of comfort.

The best bit about the Sports Hub? Being able to catch glorious sunsets.

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