There’s something about trains that fascinate little kids. I don’t know what it is. But man, my kid is enamoured. He loves trains. LOVES. When he was littler, he used to scream in joy and excitement “TRAIN! TRAIN!” whenever he spotted the MRT chugging away on the tracks. Every weekend, he tells us that he wants to take the train.

True story: I once paid $4 to take the Sentosa Express with him. We went in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out of Sentosa for a total of…oh I don’t know, I lost count. We were on that train for 50 minutes. That’s right. FIFTY MINUTES. When it was time to leave, I had to haul him, kicking and screaming, off the train. Mind you, I was 39 weeks pregnant then AND had to drag a stroller out along with the monster child.

One Christmas, before he turned two, the husband decided to buy him a Melissa & Doug train set when we were out shopping. It was a spur of the moment decision, and I was hesitant because it cost a pretty penny! We hardly buy toys because I know that his attention span is short and also, he always gets toys for presents.

It has turned out to be our best investment ever. EVAR. (Apart from our fantastic stroller!)

The three-year-old plays with it every single day and it’s been fascinating to see how much he has progressed. From needing us to put together the tracks for him to him putting together his own tracks (“See mummy! See my train track!”), it’s amazing how this “toy” still manages to capture his attention and heart. If we had space in the house, like a dedicated play room, I would so love to get one of these train tables for him.

These days, baby brother loves to play with it too. Well, I use the word play very loosely since Zac is only an one-year-old. He can’t build anything yet, gets frustrated when he sees A playing with it effortlessly and then terrorises big brother by pulling out the tracks. This set of tracks has been the source of many fights! Oh the number of times I hear this: “Zac! Zac!” *piak* *thump* “Mummy!” Wails and cries from both.

But then, there are also moments when it’s beautiful. Like yesterday evening. The same exchange happened, with Zac head butting Aidan in a fit of anger and Aidan shoving Zac. Minutes later, as I was feeding Aidan his supplements, he suddenly called out to Zac, “Zac! Come here. You can play! Here, play with the train. Play! You can pull out the track. You can play.”

Zac happily obliged and my mama’s heart melted.

So this? Absolutely the best toy ever for my preschooler.

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