As an atypical mother, I am not a very crafty one, nor am I a fabulous baker. I am stumped when I have to think of DIY projects and even when I eventually embark on one, the results are less than, err, palatable.

So for Teachers’ Day this year, I decided to completely abandon the homemade route when it came to presents for the teachers at Aidan’s daycare centre. I mean, I could make cookies but, hmm, nah. As an educator myself, I had a think about what kind of present would make me very happy and the answer came through: Thou Shalt Maketh A Care Package With A Personal Touch.

I decided to get mason jar mugs because I really like them myself (totally bought one for me too) and I thought the teachers might appreciate drinking out of it after a long day of being around a gazillion little people. I mean, I only have two and already they drive me bonkers some days. To sweeten the deal, I included two sachets of instant white coffee, two organic jasmine green tea bags and a little pack of strawberry Kit Kat in the mug. And since dealing with little people can be tiring, I also added a bottle of chicken essence.

The teachers write in the communication books of the kids every day and I decided to get them sparkly crystal ballpoint pens to make this tedious task a little more enjoyable (also got one, okay three, for me too). And to top off everything, we got Aidan to paint on Daiso canvases to infuse a more personal touch. Being a creative and free spirit, he absolutely refused any guidance when it came to painting and so the pieces were very, shall we say, abstract. He then “wrote” a little note for them on the back of the canvases.

Aidan then helped me to pack everything neatly into brown paper bags, large enough for the teachers to stuff in the other gifts that they will receive.

I am especially thankful to the teachers of his childcare centre for the hard work that they do. For the past year, Aidan has grown so much under their care. Sure, he’s been sick more often than we like but that is all part and parcel of daycare. But he’s come home with far more than sickly bugs: he was potty trained thanks to the initiative of his teacher, is self-feeding proficiently now, and quick to run to the loo on his own when he needs to pee. He’s learnt about the animal world and how plants grow. He comes home singing songs. He is so, so independent. And without the security of their caregiving, I wouldn’t be able to go and do the work that I need to do.

To all teachers, thank you for guiding our little ones. It’s not easy, trust me when I say I understand, and I am glad that there are giving souls like you out there.

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