Hi, my name is Yann and I am a baby wearing addict.

Hmm, that’s not quite accurate, let me try again: Hi, my name is Yann and I am a baby wearing and woven wrap addict.

There, that’s better.

I started baby wearing shortly after Aidan was born. Previously, I had seen how my girlfriends carried their babies everywhere in their soft-structured carriers (SSC) and vowed to be as independent and mobile as they were. And when I was pregnant, they recommended their SSCs and the Pupsik pouch sling. Unfortunately, Aidan hated being stuffed into the pouch and the smallest (fixed) size was too big for me anyway.

We also bought a Beco Butterfly II (now discontinued) and I found it too big for my small frame. Plus the man and I were switching it between the two of us and because of the disparity in our sizes, we were both getting impatient with re-adjusting the buckles again and again. It soon became husband’s carrier though and he is still using it today!

So that left me, what was I to use?

Another friend then recommended the Boba Baby Wrap to me and the man got it for me, seeing how I was miserable at home from the little man’s lack of day sleep. In screaming red, no less. And that was it. I was hooked on wrapping.

Carted my little joey around today in the Boba wrap. Lunch with Sista, then tea with @missene. Happy happy day!

I loved how it moulded to my form and distributed the weight so evenly around my body. And in time to come, I became so proficient at using it that I could wrap and unwrap in public in, like, 30 seconds. I took Aidan out everywhere in the wrap – in fact, we went to Sydney with it and I walked all day with him snug in the wrap, in the city. He slept in it, and I took him out for coffee breaks when he woke up, before wrapping him up again as we went on our way.

When Zac was born, I dug the wrap out from my cupboard again. But this time, with my bubba born in June, I realised that there was no way I could wear him in it without air-conditioning. I remembered my friend Jasmine from Instagram and her bevy of swoon-worthy beautiful wraps and reached out to her. Join the Babywearing Singapore group on Facebook, she suggested, and I did. (Thanks Jasmine!)

Woah. Down the rabbit hole I went.

It opened up a whole new world for me. There was so much to learn, from the different blends to the different brands to the different lengths and the different weights. I spent many an evening just sitting in front of my laptop, soaking in the terminology and the geekery of it. And then I took the plunge and got my first wraps: a ring sling and a size 5 wrap from Little Frog.

The ring sling was marvellous for someone like me who just had a newborn. It was utterly easy to use. With my baby squish being relatively light, the weight distribution was comfortable, even though it was across one shoulder. In the meantime, I practised with the woven wrap, perfecting the few easy front carries.

Once I was at ease with the woven wrap and Zac grew heavier, I switched to the wrap more and more often. Little Frog is a great brand for those starting to use woven wraps, they are affordable and easy to use. And as my confidence grew, so did my, shall I say, interest in woven wraps and I started seeking different wraps to try.

I have my own SSC – a Boba 3G bought when Aidan started sagging in the stretchy Baby Wrap – but I hardly use it these days. I think my wraps have spoilt me so! Whenever I use the Boba 3G, I find it a tad awkward, much preferring the way the wraps fit my body. The only sad thing is, being a full-time working mum, my chances of baby wearing are limited to weekends. AND I have to fight off my husband, who enjoys baby wearing Zac as much as I do.

Currently, in my very modest stash, I have two size 3s and one size 4 in a mix of blends. I use them for different purposes – size 3 for short trips (and back carry attempts at home) and the size 4 for supermarket grocery runs. They roll up neatly in my diaper bag and I have become adept at putting it together with minimal floor-sweeping mess.

Woven wraps are, dare I say it, perfect for the vain pot in me. I love using my wraps to match my outfits and there are so many beautiful ones out there for me to love. Alas, since Zac is walking so steadily, I find myself needing the wraps less and less. But that won’t stop me from trying though – I just love babywearing so much!

If you have any questions regarding baby wearing, please feel free to drop a line! Otherwise, do check out the Babywearing Singapore Facebook group, the community is so helpful and knowledgeable.

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