We recently returned from 10 glorious days in Sydney. It was Elliott’s very first flight and our first “proper” holiday as a family of 3. I applied for one day’s leave before the trip so that I can pack Elliott’s luggage. I was deathly afraid of missing out something important so I threw in many packs of diapers, milk powder, wet wipes, clothes, extra pair of shoes, etc.

I was also mindful to pack in a few of his favourite toys, like his “choo choo tain” and “air pane” so that when required, I can whip them out to distract him for a bit. Another item I placed inside the diaper bag (which really was a backpack that the boy stuffed to the brim with his son’s stuff and lugged it around the entire holiday – MY HERO) was this cloth book called “How To Count Busy Book“.


I told Cecilia from The Royal Rae that we were going on holiday and the true test of the book would be during the plane rides, car rides (we did a road trip to Hunter Valley) as well as sit-down adult dinners. She very kindly ensured that the book arrived in my mailbox before the trip and I made sure that it went into an easy-to-reach spot in that backpack-that-became-a-diaper-bag.

He likes the “balls” page and would remove all 6 balls (velcro pieces at the back) before putting them all back again. This photo was taken when we were having an “adult” lunch at a rather fancy winery.


As it turned out, this little cloth book was a lifesaver. It looks like a little bag with 2 handles and has a zip that goes around the entire book. This zip is crucial as it keeps all of the little pieces within.

We stayed with friends over in Sydney and when the adults were busy chugging back wine and chatting, the book kept him busy for a bit. Sydney

He enjoys removing the 10 apples (loose pieces) and then pretending to eat them by going “arhm“. Sometimes, I will count along with him as we place the apples back into the pocket, usually with him ending it with a rousing “TEN!

We also used the bold-coloured book on the 3-hour drive to and from Hunter’s Valley.


As you can tell from the pictures, he would always turn to the page with the “balls” and get busy with them. And yes, his “choo choo tain” is never too far away. Removing the velcro-ed items repeatedly also allows Elliott to practise his pincer grip and hone his motor skills.


Sometimes, we’d play along with him and pretend to take the ducks “for a walk” and he would mimic us by doing the same. He also enjoyed taking out the cat (1) and bunnies (3) for a walk, and placing the cat back into the pocket again. When we first got the book, he was fascinated with the tails of the kite (8). We also try and teach him how to count, as well as to identify the various animals and objects along the way.

I also like that it is light and flat so it’s easy to stuff it into the bulging diaper bag. Also, despite Elliott peeling out and putting back the balls repeatedly, they haven’t come undone yet. The stitching of the book is pretty sturdy which is important when placed in little hands.

The only downside? There is a real chance for the loose items, i.e. the apples, ladybug, cat and bunnies to get lost. I have lost count of the number of times where I had to crawl under tables and random corners to retrieve one of these items because Elliott decided to fling them all onto the floor. As such, close supervision of the child is required if you don’t want to end up losing any piece.

Overall, I was very thankful that we had this book to occupy Elliott during his first overseas trip and foresee us taking it along for future ones! I just noticed on their website that there is a similar book called “Air Land Sea Transportation“. Boy oh boy, I think my little boy would like that very much!


My Royal Rae is kindly giving away the same “How To Count Busy Book” (blue) book worth S$37 to one lucky reader of Bubsicles. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

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Giveaway is over. The winner is Chengling Tan. Congratulations!

Disclaimer: I was given a How To Count Busy Book for the purpose of a review. All opinions are mine.

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