I have to say, I am extremely fortunate that I am an ambassador with Our Lifestyle Shop.

You see, every so often, Su Lin from Our Lifestyle Shop would text me and tell me about a new product that they have brought in. And somehow, even though I never thought it was something that I would need, it turned out to fit in nicely with the functions of the household.

For instance, KONK is great because it is an insecticide that is safe for my cats (and my kids). We get ants marching into our balcony, no thanks to the mini forest in the patio next door, and believe me when I say that I have tried ways and means to eliminate this problem without using an insecticide. We have tried paprika. Ant traps. Nothing works. So KONK was a great addition to the household.

And then B-Sanitised was here at the point in time when Aidan contracted HFMD. The spray allowed us to disinfect all his toys and any surface he touched easily, and we were able to use it to nuke his room.

So when Su Lin called again and said she had a new product for me, I was all ears. This time, she delivered GES Plus, a biological drain maintenance plus odour treatment. And when she explained how it worked to me, I was like, OH I SEE.

Thing is, I would get occasional whiffs of, err, smelly gross odours when I am in the bathroom. I thought it was NORMAL, like just stuff passing through the pipes. When I told Su Lin, she laughed and said, THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Oops.

That’s where GES Plus comes in handy. All we needed to do was to pour half a capful of the solution into the drain and leave overnight, once a week. The product, which received a Green Product Certification from the USA Environmental Protection Agency, would work its magic to eliminate grease and rancid drainage. It’s chemical-free and 100% biodegradable.


Anyway, I’ll be testing it out for a couple of weeks to see how it goes. Check back here for more updates! Let’s see if it completely kills the horrible smells that my drains emit. Yucks.


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